By epiclollipop - 12/10/2014 12:52 - United States - Charlotte

Today, while waiting for a plane, a man in a wheelchair was struggling to get to baggage, so I helped him. I did so without realising that I passed through the "No Entry" gate. What did I forget? My phone, my ID, and my boarding pass. What do you need to get back to the plane? All of those. FML
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epiclollipop tells us more.

Just an extra bit of info: I was with my parents at the airport, so I did make it back... after 45 minutes of going through security and announcing that I was an idiot on the intercom so my dad could save me.

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Can't you ask one of the workers there if they can help you out? I'm sure there's something they can do to fix this, it's probably happened before :/ good luck!

That also explain why you left your things - they were safe with your parents. Glad you made it back!


Can't you ask one of the workers there if they can help you out? I'm sure there's something they can do to fix this, it's probably happened before :/ good luck!

At least you did a good deed!

My only concern is that here in the US (I've never traveled outside the country, so I'm not too familiar on the logistics) if you leave any baggage of any type unattended, it's suspicious. While it was their ID, ticket & phone the same rules may apply. The TSA has some weird/strict rules and OP probably got a horrible interrogation from this. I hope they got it straightened out smoothly.

Ouch.. I'd like to know how this ended up! You'd think they'd understand, this can't be too uncommon. Either way, sorry OP!

This needs a follow up.

We can just assume that she had to get on a later flight. It probably doesn't need a follow up.

Let's assume OP had a sex change in the meantime. Thus rendering the ID and other items obsolete.

Hopefully security went and got it for you. Airports suck when you miss a flight or get delayed.

That's too bad, I mean you were helping someone! I hope you figured it out.

Bad things always seem to happen to good people. Hang in there, OP

Surely they couldn't say no if you explained your situation? Hope everything worked out, OP!

They could easily say no. Airport security is a very BIG thing. You know terrorism and all. Every little lapse is a hole in the security measures which are there for a reason.

Where exactly did you leave all your items? You didn't have your ID in your wallet or pocket? You left your carry on unattended? Sorry, but you did it yourself.

(S)he was trying to be nice and polite and made an honest mistake!

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Honest mistake or not, OP still got themselves in this predicament. Also, one does not NEED a phone to board a plane.

Actually, there are a lot of things on the phone that could be mesas vary, like a confirmation code or something.

Yeah, you really shouldn't put your phone, wallet, and boarding pass somewhere in an airport then just go somewhere else.

I'm sure one of the workers would be able to help you out. Good Luck! :)

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Don't let this deter you from being a nice person in the future! We need more people like you around! Hope everything worked out for you!!!