By Anonymous - 05/03/2011 11:43 - France

Today, I found my mother in tears, so I asked her what was wrong. She told me, "It's your father, he wants a divorce..." I asked if he'd met another woman, and my mom replied "No, not a woman..." FML
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maybe he met a dog...

wow that really sucks. I'm sorry


wow that really sucks. I'm sorry

wow I see all these sad and empathetic comments but the first thing I thought was LOLZ

lol that's awesome, well for me to read anyway. Guess she kept declining to try anal then?

yeah that situation really blows. sounds like your dad is being a real butt fucker!

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I don't see why it matters if he went to guys. Both of my best friend's mothers divorced their husbands and they now are dating girls. I'm sorry about the divorce, though.

ooh, that sounds horrible! f your moms and your life

he's just gay no bigs maybe the wife but the kid can still stay in touch. it's better than the dad dieing.

Nice gynecomastia titties. Might wanna get those checked out.

I think you might need to change your picture. Aren't you the sane guy who got 32 comments on one pair of tits? Not many people look at your comments now just your picture. It's a cool picture but you know.

How is his picture of his man breasts a cool picture?

I agree about the picture it kinda makes him look like a douche but I totally agree with his comment

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daaaamn ; that suckkks , ouch ! i feeel bad for ur mom mostly :3

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Well you mom is getting it the worst. Just don't bug your father about him being gay.

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ouch. this fml even hurt me a bit... this is just an awful situation to be in, I'm sorry.

at least you have 2 dads now? word

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there's a possibility if 3 :]

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lmaoo ^^

maybe he met a dog...

I was thinking monkey or sheep maybe a horse.

You tried to hard

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:( awh..

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go on...