By notsuperstitious - 24/01/2013 16:37 - Finland

Today, I realised that my friend hasn't spoken to me for a week. A week ago I politely explained to her that I really don't believe in horoscopes, and asked her at the time to stop systematically using my star-sign to explain my behaviour. FML
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Sorry for my english, it isn't my first language. I actually WAS polite, I said something like "I understand that horoscopes are important to you, but I really don't share the same view. So I would appreciate if you didn't mention it so often-if I am being a bitch, could you just say so and not say, "all scorpions do that"? And yeah, I'm not that sorry for losing a friend,as she apparently values her superstitions over me, I'm just pissed off, (O.P.)

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MrClean17 15

Did your horoscope say that would happen?

Do the opposite of what the horoscopes say so she can stop believing too.


Do the opposite of what the horoscopes say so she can stop believing too.

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Placebo affect mates, it's psychological that anybody who believes the stars predict your actions will be more inclined to follow it through. It is stupid though

Anyone who believes in horoscopes are stupid. What's next? The Easter bunny?

braja3249 4

You should've told her that she participates in the mass cultural delusion that the sun's apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of her birth somehow affects her personality.

Geometric 18

There's even a star sign missing; Ophiuchus, that if included throws out the dates of all the other star signs anyway. Pointless psychobabble.

It's probably just me, but that was very complicated #50. Now I shall jump in my coffin ready to be buried!

Jessj958 19

#41 so your saying the Easter bunny isn't real?!

I'm Aquarius, and I actually love swimming. Still think horoscopes are crap though.

I'm a Taurus, and I think some of these comments are a load of bull.

chlorinegreen 27

50's comment is a quote from the very first Big Bang Theory episode. Spoken by Sheldon to Penny.

Feveryoneslife13 11

I'm a Pisces and this sounds fishy. Okay, what signs are left?

MrClean17 15

I didn't even see the typo, my brain read it as "hasn't spoken to me for a week"

I'm a Scorpio. So I'm a horrible person. It's not like I volunteer at veteran homes or soup kitchens or anything. Nope. I just beat up babies for ***** and giggles.

im a scorpio as well...but I don't believe in horoscopes. I just enjoy eating dead babies of my own accord.

TheDrifter 23

I'm a Virgo, but somehow the women never buy my virgin shtick, even before the handcuffs and duct tape come out.

I'm a libra, and I find this thread highly unbalanced.

spiritfang11237 16

I'm a cancer and I think this someone is crabby.

MrClean17 15

Did your horoscope say that would happen?

"Taurus: You will lose contact with a good friend based on their irrational behavior of following horoscopes."

Maybe if you had watched the stars you would have seen this coming..

Grammatical errors aside... People like this are Cancer, being fed Pisces of shit by "astrologists," it's awful really. They just mass produce vague information, and then people buy it. At least fortune cookies are not taken seriously, but with humour.

This is a v-Aries serious issue, p-Leo, I agree

zombieslayer83 19

When ever you read your fortune cookie, put "in bed" at the end.

bfsd42 20

P'leo'nasm, is your username part of the pun?

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Couple years back I got a fortune cookie that said "We are always watching." Till this day it still gives me the creeps...

zombieslayer83 19

#69, "in bed" at the end. Now even creepier.

What I find amusing is that I've seen more "proof/extreme coincidences" among astrology and it's basis than I have with any of the various major and minor organized religions I've looked into over the years. Weird.

Do what I did: show your friend how EVERY other horoscope applies to you as well, since they're intentionally so vague.

Yea, to show how they can apply to everyone, I once challenged my friend to find their horoscope amidst all the other horoscopes- except I had taken away all the names. Needless to say they couldn't find their one. People must know by now that horoscopes are made by some dudes, who couldn't possibly know information about everyone on the planet. And it's funny how if you check different sources for your horoscope for a day, none of them have the same thing to say. Finally, it's funny how people think the horoscope applies directly to them, as if they are being directly addressed, when there are millions of people who share a birth date with them anyway. How can a whole group of people sharing birth dates all be having the same day as each other around the globe, EVERYDAY. Rant over.