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By  Hurt16  |  0

yay I'm number 1!!! n ooommmg that's fucked up on all types of levels... I wonder how the conversation went...

husband #1walks in the store with his wife...

husband #2 spots his wife with another dude

husband #2 says hiiiiiiii Babi

husband #1 gives husband #2 a dirty look

wife opens eyes wide

husband #1 says hi I'm Jack her husband

husband #2 slaps wife

husband #1 gets mad n screams what the fuck

husband #/ says I'm fucking her too that's my wife

yes indeed FUCK YOUR LIFE!!!

  Fab0luZ  |  0

its Illegal in the states to have more than 1 wifeyyyyyy--- like the uhmmm the Mormons--they say its part of theire 'religon' or whateverrr-- yeaaa genital warts