By bmonehh - 24/11/2009 20:20 - United States

Today, I met my wife's other husband. FML
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Lying bitch. ... Isn't that illegal?

there has never been an FML this bad, this short, you should get an award


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Go for it, but remember the warning from "Ghostbusters" Don't cross the streams! (Swords, either.)

hahahahaha yeahhhhh

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like that movie coraline?

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Soo... how'd it go?

Reverse polagamy! You can have your own TLC show called "Brother Husbands"

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3-way the golden rule. Lonely Island reference!

How about Noway

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omg that sucks

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yay I'm number 1!!! n ooommmg that's fucked up on all types of levels... I wonder how the conversation went... husband #1walks in the store with his wife... husband #2 spots his wife with another dude husband #2 says hiiiiiiii Babi husband #1 gives husband #2 a dirty look wife opens eyes wide husband #1 says hi I'm Jack her husband husband #2 slaps wife husband #1 gets mad n screams what the fuck husband #/ says I'm fucking her too that's my wife yes indeed FUCK YOUR LIFE!!!

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your actualy # 3 idiot

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72 number 1 or 3 was on a roll and then you kinda killed it

This post hurts to look at.

YDI for not saying something clever or original

Was he a nice guy?

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Not funny...

YDI for falling for a sluttly sperm dumpster

Lying bitch. ... Isn't that illegal?

I smell a conspiracy. 0.o

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not all wemon are like that you ass

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its Illegal in the states to have more than 1 wifeyyyyyy--- like the uhmmm the Mormons--they say its part of theire 'religon' or whateverrr-- yeaaa genital warts

when did they say all women are like that?

It's known as bigamy and yes, it's illegal.

Very illegal. And just plain mean.

It's illegal unless your religion allows it I believe.

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that one line says it all. short and sweet FYL