By badadvise - 23/03/2012 04:05 - Mexico - Guadalajara

Today, I found out my marriage counselor is currently going through her second divorce. FML
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Now she can tell you what not to do

Talk about irony!


Now she can tell you what not to do

Sounds like she's the one that needs the counseling.

Hey hey hey each marriage is different, can assume since OP didn't bother elaborate. Sides your supposed to run background checks on people your gonna counsel with..

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She's teaching through experience, learn from her mistakes.....or just ask her incompetent ass for a refund, and find another counselor.

Or...shes back on the market!

The counselor don't need to practice what they preach...

Some people are good with helping others with their problems, but when it comes to themselves they don't know shit.

Talk about irony!

Well, I guess she can tell you if it's gotten to the point where you should throw in the towel. know what they say...those who can't do, teach

And those who can't teach, teach gym.

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Worry about your marriage, not hers. If you can't gain knowledge from going to these sessions, then find someone that you can.

Like 7 said, if you've gone through a few good meetings and legitimately liked her, then this shouldn't change anything

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What has she been telling you? "And that's why you should just dump his ass. Works for me everytime!" Some marriage counselor. :S

Apparently she thought the "do as I say not as I do" phrase would work on adults too. Time to find someone who is living what they're teaching.

Not a good sign! Then again, she could be so focuse on improving others' relationships that she neglected her own

We are also completely forgetting the man. She may be getting a divorce because of domestic violence, or the man might be an excessive drinker/gambler. It's a shot in the dark, but a potential reason.