By TabbyCat87 - 13/01/2016 00:16 - United States - Lamar

Today, my mom informed me she got married two weeks ago. Hard to congratulate her when this is her eighth husband. FML
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Married more times than Liz Taylor & Kim Kardashian...

You know you've messed up when that's the case.

Hey, she's still in the game! OP should stop giving her shit. Say it: "Congratulations, Mom. I hope this one works out. I love you."

she doesnt even bother to tell u anymore

I guess it's not that big of a deal anymore since it's such a regular thing.

8 honeymoons? Sounds like a good life lol

I think it sucks that your mum didn't even tell you, like she knows it's shameful to marry 8 times but does it anyway

why is it shameful to marry eight times? as long as you're not religious in a very strict way, marriage can end in divorce and if you want to marry again, why not? it's sad that she didn't find somebody to stay with but I don't see anything shameful.

It's not shameful, it's just a little suspicious. It means she and her partners are marrying much too fast. Why not date for a while, first, to get to know each other a bit?

Your mom got eight people to propose to her?? I'm still here waiting for ONE. :/

Oh THAT'S what you're supposed to do, #8 . Gotcha ! :P

I used to think this same way, but then you have to consider the amount of baggage each has brought & consider the quality. I mean sure - we could go snag a deadbeat at the casino & boom -

Depends if the exes are still alive or if they're missing their head..

The hit & trial approach isn't working too well for her..