By Anonymous - 24/01/2013 07:17 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I was waiting inside the shelter at the bus stop when a lady came up to me and asked if I would mind if she peed. FML
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Ask her if she minds that you watch her.

shyboy3092 6


*Minds you could say *minds if you join her.

Wow. That sentence is all kinds of fail. Excuse while I go back to grammar school and learn how to spell.

Or tell her that you do mind and hopefully she won't pee.

Grammar Nazi assassins have been dispatched.

51, excuse us if we want our language spoken properly.

written properly* and technixally there are probably tons of obscure grammar mistakes we are making that only people with doctorates in english would see.

#51, I enjoyed your comment even if It did get down voted.

#64 And written. I also prefer "Red Pencil Police" or "Grammar Cop" to "Grammar Nazi". As for you, OP, I feel your pain. My boyfriend told me he was riding a bus from work and that someone actually peed on the bus. The bus passes through a crappy part of town before it hits the area where his office is (which is being gentrified).

Ask her if she minds that you watch her.

That's probally what the old lady wanted.

Redoxx_fml 22

Who says she was old? Maybe she was young...and hot...and down to scissor

My bad. I just suspected because what young, sane, person does that?

AndOtherDrugs 5

What old, sane person does that?

So since when are sanity and age directly related?

shyboy3092 6

I don't know... This FML is more sad to me than anything else:(

iOceanus 18

You forgot; 'here is my jacket for there is no TP.'

The real question here is: What was your answer?

OP never clarified she said no...I'm just saying...

shan88 14

But she asked "do you mind?". So saying "yes" means no, and saying "no" means yes.

So what's all this about women complaining they can't go everywhere, like us men, eh?

Isn't that why somebody invented that pee-tube for women, with plastic bag attachment?

Imagine waddling around with that between your legs. It'd probably just look like a very strange way to play croquet.

no you just put it in when you have to pee!!! You don't just keep the thing in your pants.....i haven't heard of one with a bag on it but I've seen one that's a hard plastic and i guess is more like a funnel pointing away from the body

47- I hope you aren't speaking from experience.

... at least she didn't ask if you'd mind if she pooped. silver lining, op.

Isn't it crazy to anyone else how many weirdos there are out there?

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