By theoneguyinky - 01/03/2010 14:48 - United States

Today, I was building new fixtures at work. As I assembled the top holding bar on the second section, my boss came up and smacked it to try and scare me. She knocked the top holding bar, which is made of steel, onto my head, and then all the sections went on to fall like dominoes. FML
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theoneguyinky tells us more.

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It didn't hurt me, just stung for a bit, needless to say I let her fix the mess and walked off to do something else. And to answer everyone's question, no, she is not hot.

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Workman's comp? Also, your boss better feel bad enough to get you some help to fix it. Maybe some overtime?

ok, good. As long as you didn't get stuck fixing a mess she caused!


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damn ouch

OP> I would say your boss deserves the fyl... boss fail! I also have walked my head into a fixture once or twice so I know your pain

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I also hit my head on things a lot too. but usually it's my fault for not looking when that happens. sorry OP, your boss is stupid.

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"I also hit my head on things alot" Thats what She said! xp

oh crap not those again it's been nice not seeing that on the Internet for an entire day, I guess for every happy ending there comes an end.

fyl. your boss is an idiot.

agree with all of the above

how the hell does anyone deserve that??

that doesn't make sense lol

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yeah, u just want to have 50 people up ur ass :P

that sucks bad

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Big lawsuit=Big money. :D

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this is more a fayuhl than an fml

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Uh Yeah, Can u say cha-ching!

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cracka jax!

@44 you're pretty also OP's boss is a chode

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lol stupid. YDI! and first? nah jk

Workman's comp? Also, your boss better feel bad enough to get you some help to fix it. Maybe some overtime?

you kidding me? sue! sue!


that sucks

Funny image... =]

wait a sec... ur boss is a woman ???? I never thougth that was possible

w00t inuyasha!!

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what a dumbass boss

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but was she at least hot?

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you have a dick up your ass all the time, why would you not want it over a joke?

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did you get hurt

No. Nobody could get hurt from that. OP just went on the rest of the day like nothing happened.