By Amara1717 - 19/08/2009 04:22 - United States

Today, I was driving my little sister to school. She really didn't wanna go and was throwing a tantrum in the car. When we stopped at a red light, my sister notices a police man giving a ticket to another driver. She rolled down her window and screamed "Help me! I'm being kidnapped by a murderer!" FML
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Orchid_fml 2

lol no worries , i bet the cop didn't take her seriously . what a brat though .

Kiwi_Splash 0

Wow, she needs some discipline. That's what happens when loose cannons are raised.


Orchid_fml 2

lol no worries , i bet the cop didn't take her seriously . what a brat though .

fmlfmlfml15 0

exactly my point. obviously since you are writing an FML, no harm was done, probably other than the cops coming over to make sure everything was okay.

fmlfmlfml15 0

on the other hand, this sounds awfully similar to the FML about the two year old in the toy store:

If it sounds similar it's probably because kids pull this shit all the time. They're at that point where they know it'll get them the attention they want but they most likely can't foresee the consequences.

Exactly. My husband is a big gruff looking guy. Sweet teddy bear of a man who looks like he might have escaped from prison. He once took our son to the aquarium by himself and paid for the kiddo to ride on one of those dollar operated horsies. Kiddo wanted another ride..husband said no. He started screaming HELP HELP HELPPP MEEEE while my husband was trying to drag him away from the ride.

yeah hopefully they didn't believe her, but this is what child lock is for.

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You should have seen if the cop would make it look like they were arresting you and see if that would teach her a lesson.

I would have kicked her out of your car.

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So how often were u beaten? Your lack of skills as a parent is apparent.

#134-or she doesn't like school. Sometimes people overreact. As you have flawlessly shown.

Lol #134, there isn't a huge backstory worth writing a hole page about. She simply didn't wanna go. Plus even if she was being bullied that doesn't make it ok to tell a cop that she is being kidnapped by a murder. Seriously she could have ended up being arrested for that.

whiteangel361 10

Even still, most states now have laws against bullying especially now because of the school shootings.

omgitzadrienne 0

haha, smart girl. but that totally sucks that she did that

fckinbowdown 0

what a total bitch dude I hope the cop yelled at her for a while after he figured out what was going on. sorry about that I bet that was embarrasing and a waste of time. you should birch slap her later after school

NGM_47 0

Maybe next time you'll hide your bags of dead bodies somewhere where kids can't find them =P

Whoever is in your picture looks gross.

Kiwi_Splash 0

Wow, she needs some discipline. That's what happens when loose cannons are raised.

turtlellama 0

and I suppose you think now is an appropriate time to start abusing them, huh? Idiot.

oh yes because discipline and abuse are the same...

How does discipline = abuse? Kiwi_Splash is right, that kid needs to learn the consequences of her actions.

Hey, if they're old enough for school, they're more than old enough for a spanking. No one said anything about going fisticuffs with the kid. Then again, they are sisters...Parents should probably take care of that.

Veldan 1

spare the rod, spoil the child.

I pulled something like that when I was younger, it's a kid thing and I think I turned out fine, no, I know I turned out fine. No need for severe discipline, that NEVER worked for me. Parents need to discipline the child in a way that is affective. Just because spanking worked for some kids, doesn't mean it will work for all kids. It all really depends on the child's personality.

wtf? hitting a child will only disipline tthem if their personality suits?yeah if they have the personality of vinnie jones.

yawns no biggie. even IF the cops pulled you over the see the licence... of **** im not even going to bother you bore the shit out of me

noName123456 0

what does seeing the license have to do with anything its not like her licence is going to have a picture of her sister on it too

I'd beat the snot out of her. But then again, that's probably why I'm not having kids. Also, LOCK THE WINDOWS

This forever. Window locks are the best. FYL though, your little sister is a ******* douchenozzle

stanzskin 0

'allmidnighteyes', thanks for introducing me to my new favorite word: douchenozzle! So much better than douchebag! To the OP, your little sister needs to be spanked every day, at the same time (so she will be expecting it and worrying about it) for about a month for being such an obvious brat.

Lol I thought you said "I would have shot her" which made me laugh insanely much for some reason.

Your parents suck at being disciplinarians. Take it back and then try again, lol

NancyDeebensDPDS 0

and then...................? The part you didn't include would be the real FML. So really what did the cop do? I really think this is fake, if the cop did nothing F my Life for wasting time to read this. If he started to talk to you or detain you FYL, but you didn't include that part so i say fake.

i agree. I bet the cop didn't do anything. It would have been said if the OP had been pulled over and stuff.

Entity4Infinity 0

that probably was the worst of it obviously if the person explained what had happened...called parents to prove relation or what not then of course the person is not in jail... i accidently called 911 when i was like 4 when my uncle was babysitting me ... hes not my parents so he had to prove realation and why he was in my parents house and stuff. they ask questions but they dont go hostile if the person drove away from the cop you would have an issue. but seriously i think kids should learn right away about that kind of fake 911 stuff .. she knew what she was saying if she told a COP you were a MURDERER kidnapping her.

Wow, I bet next time you kidnap a girl you'll chain her arms behind her back and put ducttape on her mouth. It's alright, rookie mistake.

Please do it like the pros. Remember everyone, cars have trunks.

Hes not a parent, he's a brother. they're not supposed to disciplin people unless they have their own children. but ahaaaaaa (: that'd be soo funny to see i'd be sooo embarressed if that happened x]