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  Josher47  |  0

No, There is no excuse ever for striking your wife/girlfriend. He is scum and your mom is going back to him for the same reason that women return to their abusive boyfriends. Psychologically they want to feel needed and even by getting abused the apologizing afterwards makes them feel better.


for all you know he threw her out a window because she attacked him with a knife, stole all is money and was cheating on him with his dad.
im not condoning violence against women, just saying that you dont know what was going on
and lol at the fact that you said its not ok to hit youre wife/girlfriend, instead of just spouse
guess its ok for women to hit men?

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

59, if that were true, why would OP be complaining?
Instead, the FML would be "Today, my mother and father are getting back together. He's in jail for pushing her out a window while defending himself from her. She tried to stab him. FML."

51 has it exactly right.
Actually, there's evidence that (repeated) sexual intercourse dramatically increases the amount of trust and yearning and such for the partner. Since OP exists, I'd say they probably had enough sessions to brainwash OP's mother right back into daddy's arms.
Then of course, there's also those who feel too weak to do anything for themselves or think they're useless anyway so it doesn't matter, but that's not OP's mom's case since she HAS a chance to be rid of him and chooses not to act on it.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

If it were true, the OP would have pointed it out, though, is what I'm saying. After all, that makes it a bigger FML, and would show her father was actually innocent. Why make your dad look like a dick with something like this if it's not true?

  CDS09  |  0

51 and 68 are right. We went over something like this is my psych class. Many abused women reason that the man hits them because he cares, and if he didnt care he wouldnt hit them. Its messed up.

FYL. Honestly, the best thing that can happen is your dad can shop lift or do something stupid that lands him in jail before he can do something stupid AND VIOLENT that would land him in jail.

By  ireply_w_lyrics  |  0

"...Here I stand
With everything to lose
And all I know is I don't want to ever see the end
Baby please, I'm reaching out for you
Won't you open up your heart and let me come back in
Let's be us again..."

"Well, lets see, you pushed me out a window and i just about died, and the children want you dead. Sure!!!"

  Intoxicunt  |  5

Lmfao. That's cute. You had my approval all along because I like the overall idea. This is just the best, funniest, most fitting set of lyrics you've used yet. :)

  Intoxicunt  |  5

No, it's not. This one and the nude pic FML are fucking up ROYALLY. Try to cipher it all out though.

Yeah, I liked the Rise Against. Still locked, though. :D