By koanroak - 22/06/2015 03:08 - United States - Carrollton

Today, while taking a slow night at my waitressing job, I thought I heard the sound of crying coming from the kitchen. I rushed in, thinking something terrible had happened. Nope, the bus boy was just watching porn on his phone with no headphones. FML
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I hope he washed his hands afterwards...

at least nothing terrible happened


When I accidentally comment on the wrong fml >.>

what a waste of a first comment

at least nothing terrible happened

It was terrible, for OP.

i think its ok for a lady like you

Okay, but why would it be okay to say that?

I hope he washed his hands afterwards...

iPixelCheese 19

Umm. I have no words, sorry that you had to witness that OP

you just said you had no word! Then you go ahead and... this is why i have trust issues

Killing some time on the phone

Misskreher 30

A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do

I imagine the people hearing that while waiting for their food must think the cooks are pretty passionate about their jobs!

Oh yeah oh yeah milk it milk good. Not to fast though. Mhmm oh yeah that's amazing. Oh Mhm cum on, where's the special sauce.

I guess porn can't wait for anything.

sounds like the start of a porno

Who watches porn at work? What the fuck?

katydid91 31

Right?! Especially in the food industry!