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  dolphincheddar  |  10

30 minutes isn't that long. you all must be virgins or watch too much porn. some people can go for hours.. it depends on how much energy you both have and how much of a sex virgin the guy is.

By  hollyman  |  0

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  st0815  |  9

Had a gf like that once - she always wanted to have sex in public. For me that was just to weird, just not my thing, you know? So I broke up with her after one year.

  JesusFishTaco  |  5

His picture made me want to kill myself for a split second. That's how long it took me to react and throw my phone on the ground. It's got an otter box though, so it's cool.

  fatalkiss  |  0

Dude, you're 15. It is ultimately up to you to fuck your brains out (though you're still a child & not even at the age of consent yet), but why announce your (publicly done) sexual deeds?


Lol, chill.
How do you even know I was kidding or not?
Way to take things way too literally.
My cliche' statement that has been posted should have been overlooked.
If it bothers you so much for my age factor, then go fuck someone or something, I don't care. Besides, true or not, how I live my life does not mean it should coincide with yours.


Uh, yeah. It does. Before you claim me of any ignorance, you should read up in the dictionary as well. If I'm wrong, then prove it. I'd love to learn, especially from someone who claims they are as intellectually inclined as YOU.(;

  CaptainDouche  |  0

Its pretty simple to prove you wrong. It just didn't make sense. I honestly don't know what you meant by it. But "coincide" was definitely not the word you were looking for.