By Anonymous - 05/02/2011 03:27 - United States

Today, to enhance our sex life, my boyfriend and I decided to have sex in our local mall's parking lot. The feeling of getting caught is fun and exhilarating. Until you actually get caught. FML
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when you got caught did you ask the person who caught you if they wanted a threesome?

what the hell 25 ??


this is why peopl get jobs at malls

No self respect and zero modesty you like the feeling of getting caught till you actually got caught well hope you love the feeling of getting caught up and actually getting caught up to your fate which is getting caught.

what the hell 25 ??

Hahahahahah 32 your comment literally made me laugh out loud.

HAHAHAHA 25 cracked me up too

I meant 32 lol

haha mini fail 62

first, and atleast you tried ;p

third ehehehehehe

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y is it retarded... the fml said it's an exhilarating experience ... so from experience I know it's fun also .. it's the trill of getting caught that is what makes it more fun...

Kboy, you're an idiot. Please learn to spell.

I'm anti grammar Nazi, so I'm with kboy. boom

11 and 22 I agree, whats life if you don't learn to live it?

I'm guessin ur sex life is boring......

Sex in public is awesome. Especially when you're in plain view, but somehow no sees you. It's a good rush. Everyone should try it at least once.

I agree wit 4

No, getting caught is retarded... We've all had sex in public atleast once.

Your sex life must be boring, sticking to the bed. I like to get my tits and my knees dirty sometimes.

I did it in a train once.... standing up. And no one seemed to notice

Uhm, learn to spice things up. The same sex inside the house gets boring. Take it to a new level and live it up. Don't put it down if you've never tried it.

No having sex in a public place is fun as fuck!

true lol but it's more fun at a park well when I was 17 it was lol

At least you can say.. "Been there, done that." XD

the judge will take that into consideration

haha that's why there are tinted windows

puta barca..Hala Madrid

who would actually invest in tinted windows for that?

Hala Özil

The clue is in the rocking ;)

Amen 46 Amen

ydi for being a FUCKING moron


AMeN MAN except not really lol

when you got caught did you ask the person who caught you if they wanted a threesome?

double win. for the comment and the sick ass panda picture xD

OMG I have that pic too! But win for comment xD