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By phoenix101 - 16/05/2011 05:40

Today, my girlfriend asked if we could spice up our sex life. She didn't think it was too funny when I laid out all of our spices on the bed. She now refuses to have sex. FML
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Wow, that's a poor sense of humor. Tell her to grow up and take a joke.


That's awesome. That's a lame excuse not to have sex unless you litterally dumped the spice itself onto the bed, but even then **** on the couch or something. Damn you OP's gf, DAMN YOU!

11 herbs and spices, the KFC for sex, mmm finger lickin good.

just get some chicken, il give you a good recipe for bed chicken. we all know that's the best kind.

Sorry to reply high up, but there's a typo.

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I think it's funny. I don't see why that would lead someone to refuse sex.

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I also think it was funny. If my hubbs did that it would lead to a bunch of silliness and a great amount of "spice". I would think it was super cute.

I think she was just pissed because she was trying to be serious about a potentially big problem within the relationship, and OP was being immature, however funny it may seem to us.

she wants to spice up their sex but refuses to have it? sounds counter productive.

I would of just laughed and got busy. It was a very creative joke. op gf is lame k

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they could use the spices... it might taste better...

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242 or counter reproductive *badum sss*

She refuses to have sex? I think that's a bit harsh...

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Maybe she's just mad because she was being serious and he made a joke out of it.

nag till she finds a better man to **** and break up w OP. Sorry man:/

you gotta admit that would be kind of funny lol.

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well she wanted to spice it up and u did what she asked

well she was probably really serious and op made a joke about it.

Yeah, I would be pissed if my sex life was seriously lacking and I told my BF about it and instead of taking it seriously and fixing it, just treated it as a joke. She was just more forward about refusing sex than what he did to her - obviously by just putting spices on the bed instead of doing something was more of a silent hint he didn't care. He has a dick, he could rub it on a sock and enjoy it, meanwhile it's a little bit more complicated and partially mental for a woman. Take some time and care for your GF in bed, men.

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maybe OP didn't bring out the right spices she was looking for

all she needs is a ***** and a shake weight!

153: you are kinda blowing things out of proportion. If my BF put out spices in the bed after I told him to spice it up, I wouldn't stop putting out. I would actually laugh and play around with him too. I think it's cute when guys make you laugh before you get intimate it makes things more pleasurable.

I don't think he actually opened it and put it on the bed, I think he just got all the spices bottles and put them on the bed

246- You have insanely beautiful eyes.

can you seriously not tell how fake her eyes are? I mean it looks like she edited them in paint. fail.

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And they look creepy!! but very fake looking as well. Like its freaking obvious.

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Mine though are real :) ha!

@214 It depends how serious the sex-life conversation was. And from the OP's girlfriend's behaviour, it sounds like it was a serious one.

come on now don't be such a jealous bitch about it

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he was being funny, your just a hardass

thats what YOU get for being a jackass :)

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UR AN IDIOT its a joke..... ru that stupid

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yea it was actually pretty fun

I thought it was quite cute. I would have sex with him 3 times a day if he wanted

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jackass, my ass!! if he is getting bored then she needs to get him unbored!! (spice it up, duh) at least he isn't cheating!! just being honest with her

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Wow, that's a poor sense of humor. Tell her to grow up and take a joke.

agreed, but maybe her lack of humour comes from the lack of sex???

Agreed. FYL for having a girlfriend with something stuck up her ass, OP.

maybe she wants something stuck up her ass?

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I agree! I'd laugh so hard if my boyfriend did this!

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Maybe the problem is, there isn't anything stuck up her ass. :P

Ask your girl friend what kinds of things she wants to do to "spice up" your love life.

this is what he should have done in the first place. it sounds like he may have made his girlfriend feel as if her desire to spice things up was being belittled by making jokes when she was very serious and trying to communicate what she wants in bed. I think expressing different things people want from sex can be difficult for many people. he may have made her feel like what she wants in bed is a joke.

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you should have put the spices all over you and layed on the bed waiting for her to come in. lol

just say its one of your religion way to do before having sex

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Of all the words and name calling (and received) on this site, I've never called anyone a stupid asshat. That said. You're a *******, stupid, asshat.

A hat for your ass, or an ass shaped hat?

Wow how would she believe that if it was a response to her wanting to spice it up... Fucktard.