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  rawr9able  |  4

That's awesome. That's a lame excuse not to have sex unless you litterally dumped the spice itself onto the bed, but even then fuck on the couch or something. Damn you OP's gf, DAMN YOU!

  falluke17  |  0

I think she was just pissed because she was trying to be serious about a potentially big problem within the relationship, and OP was being immature, however funny it may seem to us.

  alexFYL  |  11

Yeah, I would be pissed if my sex life was seriously lacking and I told my BF about it and instead of taking it seriously and fixing it, just treated it as a joke. She was just more forward about refusing sex than what he did to her - obviously by just putting spices on the bed instead of doing something was more of a silent hint he didn't care.

He has a dick, he could rub it on a sock and enjoy it, meanwhile it's a little bit more complicated and partially mental for a woman. Take some time and care for your GF in bed, men.

  babyydolly  |  0

153: you are kinda blowing things out of proportion. If my BF put out spices in the bed after I told him to spice it up, I wouldn't stop putting out. I would actually laugh and play around with him too. I think it's cute when guys make you laugh before you get intimate it makes things more pleasurable.

By  MilanKing  |  0

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  at1325  |  0

this is what he should have done in the first place. it sounds like he may have made his girlfriend feel as if her desire to spice things up was being belittled by making jokes when she was very serious and trying to communicate what she wants in bed. I think expressing different things people want from sex can be difficult for many people. he may have made her feel like what she wants in bed is a joke.

By  xDeathAbove  |  2

just say its one of your religion way to do before having sex

  jdimaria3  |  13

terrible joke