By Anonymous - 18/10/2009 11:15 - United States

Today, after sleeping with a guy I met at a party, I woke up to find him peeing in the corner of my room on my roommate's carpet. FML
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YDI for sleeping with some guy you just met.

his roomates carpet? sounds like foreplay. what a cheater

ur a stupid **** who nobody wants in the community we have enough prostitutes so find another career.

Sounds like my brother, except he goes in closets and on computers. Sorry, that does suck.

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at least it wasn't yet carpet(:

I say this not a fml or ydi. I say clean it up and know you know he is not the one.

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You're Fcking Retarded . It's Called Sex , If You Did It Right You Wouldnt Be So Judgmental .. Ahole

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you will have to lift up the carpet, cut out the piss soaked carpet liner, replace it with a clean piece, scrub the bottom of the floor beneath the carpet and liner, or the smell will not go away.

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Obviously YDI for sleeping with someone you just met. *****.

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so you have your own room but your roommate owns the carpet?

Ops roommate could own the house and op could just be staying there for a while