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Today, it took me 5 hours to paint my deck, only to have it ruined by the neighbor's cat running all over the undry paint. FML
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Undry? Most people I know would just say "wet paint".

The only time you don't want a pussy roll up on your door step...


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Couldn't OP just have painted over the stepped on parts if it was that big of a deal?

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follow the trail and put this nine lives theory to the test....

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maybe there wasn't enough room for "wet paint"?

A couple of things. One, when I painted my patio about three years ago, the person who sold me the paint told me to put make shift fence around it. Thats just logic. Does OP really think that in the day or scat o that it takes for the paint to dry no animal will cross the pation What about an ant or so. Second, The smell of paint is really strong, so the cat probably wont come near your patio unless there is something else to attract it, such as food left outside. Third of all, for the cat to cross your patio and leave tracks, the paint would have to be REALLY thick.And if thats the case, then you should learn how to paint correctly, because if the paint is that think, it wont dry for days. Next, if the cat did make tracks, you could just wait for them to dry and then cover it up. Not a problem. dont worry OP, youre lifes not going to end because you have cat footprints on your patio/

no comment..........except for the fact that you have to much free time......

^^ that comment was directed to 48 and 52

you say that I missed the point of the website? the name of the website is f*** my life, right? I dont think that having small cat footprints on your patio means that you life is f***ed. clearly, I am not the one that missed the point of the website.

You ever worked on something for 5 ******* hours and then it gets ****** up in 5 minutes?

yes, yes I have. an believe me, my life wasn't ruined because of it.

Just cuz it's a FML doesn't mean OP is sayin his life is ruined.

72- This site isn't about things completely ruining your life, it can be about silly, annoying things too, stuff that would annoy people but make us laugh at the same time.

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#52 I like the part where you took the time to detail a response, then said, "Why am I wasting my time replying?" Well, clearly you have such valuable time...

Is anyones life REALLY ruined in ANY of the fml posts? it's not meant to be literal when a person says "fml."

#78. I disagree. I your fiancé broke up with you for the pizza delivery boy I believe that your life is f***ed.

really? because a partner left you? even after a long term marriage ends I find it to be very unhealthy for you to truly believe your whole life is ******.

the only time I would really think a persons life is indeed ****** is when the fml goes something like this: "blah blah blah...and now I'm paralyzed from the neck down. fml." seriously if you are going to be that critical then this site just isn't for you.

exactly. yous aid that the only time that your life is really f***ed is when your paralyzed, for ex. if so, than this isnt even close to an FML.

And this is why it should be legal to kill outdoor cats

like I said in my first comment. "fml" isn't to be taken literally. moving on.

"moving on" is exactly what OP should do?

This site needs a beginners information page for the dumb asses that take it so literally.

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This Isint The Site To Take Thinqs So Serios. Damn !

Ha. I like how it says on yuviluv's profile 'I'm just plain amazing' even though his all of hi comments are being thumbed down.

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i don't feel like writing his name, so Spongebob- SHUT UP YOU LOST THE ARGUMENT.

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I did not lose the augment because just because you have cat footprints doesn't mean that your life is ******. and if you guys don't take this website literally, then thts your fault, not mine.

115. please. just shut the **** up. this site is to post shit that happens to you. if you dint think it's an fml then hit ydi and then leave it. the comment section is to voice your opinion and/or make fun of or feel sorry for OP. it's not to bitch about random stuff and ruin a thread with an argument. keep your opinion to yourself or deal with the fact people will have different views. if you can't deal with that. Gtfo this site.

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spongebob's stupidity makes me lol. teehee.

118. you said that this is where you voice your opinion and then you said to keep your opinion to yourself. and according to the website, you voice you're opinion. and my opinion is that OP's life is not ******.

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every one of your comments has at least one thumbs down. Maybe you should shut up?

if you were paralyzed from the neck down, you wouldn't be able to type an fml hahah

The only time you don't want a pussy roll up on your door step...

lol It suits that you have a cat in your picture. As do I. I demand more cat pictures in this thread!

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I don't have a cat, but here, have a Jirachi.

79-Well make your ******* Jirachi give you a cat. Don't those things grant wishes?

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2- your picture matches your username and kinda the comment lol

And you have a baby in your picture. Also, the animal on the left is a cat in 86's picture, so she's cool. You on the other hand...

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just say you added mini lion foot prints for an awesome look.

That does sound pretty damn awesome.

Undry? Most people I know would just say "wet paint".

well you dont actually know this guy so....

that's exactly what I was

why even bother commenting on that? are you just trying to be an arse?

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I completely agree with Vexis' comment, and you ALL know it's true

how do you know how they say it in Canada? stop being so critical.

Hell yeah I agree with that. I'd thumb it 25 times if I could.

Wtf? In Canada? I think you're more likely to say undry than Canadiens.

Is undry even a word? According to my cell phone's auto-correct... no.

and how is that 106? I live in Slovakia. sloppy canadiens are more likely to use such a word. if it is one.

I hate to break it to you, undry isn't a word.

my thought exactly! "undry" I read an "un-dree" and I'm like what's that? lol

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111- What type of chicken in the hole are you? First you were telling vexis58 not to assume, and now you're saying "sloppy canadiens are most likely to use such a word". This is an incredibly pointless argument. Did you guys only read one word in the FML because that is all that you seem to be posting about.

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I would have made my neighbors re-paint it

Curiosity might not kill the cat but you should.

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that's why I'm a dog person

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It looks like she photoshopped blue onto brown eyes.. I've seen it done a lot

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There contacts lol, but you were close

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If they were real then I'd be down right jealous. Mine arn't nearly that blue.

Lexi_Ray 5

nah I have a very faint blue these contacts I got because it made it look more vivid lol

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aha mine are so pale they look white if your across a room from me.

I enjoyed listening in on someone else's conversation. I'm pretty sure they have a name for something like that. Oh yeah, stalking. ...wait.

Because dogs don't have paw prints?