By brycepetrillo - 07/09/2013 16:08 - United States - New Port Richey

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me through my birthday card. FML
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klovemachine 24

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, At least you got your FML published, Happy Birthday to you

That was a cruel B-day.. break up day ? anyone?? no? I'll show my self out..

No no, there isn't any need to show yourself out. I'll escort you. *opens door and slams it behind you*

Sweat of her to send the card. Nobody bothers anymore!

roses are red violets are blue it's your birthday I'm breaking up with you

Wow ... Well hope u find someone that's worth it and not a royal bitch

That's as bad as breaking up through tex! Probably worse!

Some people need to have the guts to break up with someone face to face. Otherwise, you are not mature enough to have a romantic relationship. I am so sick of people breaking up with their girl/boyfriends like this.

25- break ups are always hard when the news is delivered by Big Tex.

It's okay you can probably find someone nicer than her anyways

addioty 19
Little4Bear 10

103, I do not see happiness in your future.

skyttlz 32

No. Because if OP said ex-girlfriend, it would come across as they've been broken up.

Wow. And I thought my teachers were cruel by giving homework on Fridays. Sorry bro

At least he got an FML approved. That's a pretty good present.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Whose ass is sick? Is your ass sick? You really shouldn't be commenting if your ass is sick, go to a damn hospital instead. We don't need your ass throwing up all over the comments.

Sorry bro!That's mean u ass is more sick than his. Grow up

Give her one that says "the condom broke" on hers

sugarpoppaige 6

Who says they were having sex??

Redoxx_fml 22

That would be a birthday card with a sequel.

martin8337 35

Bad idea, if she should come up pregnant she would try to pin her baby on OP .

Girls may come and girls may go, but herpes is forever.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Today's my brothers birthday an he has a girlfriend.. Hmmm..

DarkSaul 20

This is not about your brother and his girlfriend. It's about OP losing his girlfriend on his birthday.

blueeyedann 6

Is your brother sobbing clutching a card?

9 I feel like your picture is perfect for the dumb comment

Little4Bear 10

#9, what a stupid pointless comment. Ask us if we care!

Your birthday gift is your freedom from a callous twat who obviously doesn't respect you enough to tell you to your face. Happy birthday.