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Today, while working at Subway, I was about to take a guy's order. He quickly held up a hand and asked for someone else to make his sub, because he doesn't like "ugly people" touching his food. FML
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That's when you say, "we don't sell food to assholes."

What a dick. I bet you're not ugly. You keep making those subs, girl!


What a dick. I bet you're not ugly. You keep making those subs, girl!

Yeah OP probably gives plenty of guys footlongs

With extra mayo

That makes me moist

i think the customer is the owner of abercrombie

So OP gives men footlongs and gets paid for it huh...

118- that went way over your head

Op could be male

#125 the gender is showing its a girl

That's when you say, "we don't sell food to assholes."

That's when he complains and OP gets fired :P

Not necessarily. People think because you work in a customer service job that you have to be pleasant to the customer despite the customer starting shit up first through negative actions which isn't always true. It depends on how much your boss cares about their employees well being. Where I work, my boss supports the employees telling customers off when the customer was rude / out of line first (if we were the ones to be rude first then of course that's different) to stand up for ourselves and not let the customer believe they can walk all over us. If OP has a caring boss, he/she would support OP standing up for themselves when the customer was in the wrong.

I wish my boss was that understanding. We deal with a lot of assholes and just downright stupid people where I work.

If I was a customer who overheard that, I would probably say something for them just in case the employee isn't allowed to talk back. That is, if I'd managed to reclaim my jaw from the floor in time. What the hell kind of pathetic, horrible person says that to someone? Some customers... As always, fast food workers, you have my sympathy.

#27: I think that also depends on whether its a corporate company too. I know my boss would love to see me chew someone out ( or do it himself ) , but if corporate got word he was letting that happen, HIS boss would do some chewing out.

I worked to a auto parts store. my boss told me if they wanna get smart with you then give it right back to them*

What an asshole! Just ignore him OP, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure you're very pretty and someone definitely thinks you're beautiful.

Yeah op, I'm sure someone else wants your footlong :)

#88 OP is female ._. didn't have a gender before.

Sorry OP. He's a douchebag

Should've asked if he wanted gloves to eat with.

(As in, by his own logic, he himself shouldn't he touching his food)

Rude jheeze!

Never seen 'jeez/geez' spelled like that

Thats how me and my friends spell it lol. First time for everything.

Still does not make it the right spelling.

It's not a dictionary word, so there's no correct way to spell it.

66 and 6, it is indeed in Webster's dictionary as an interjection, defined as a mild oath, spelled jeez with variant spelling as geez.

My bad #74 thanks! (:

Should have asked him how he ever manages to eat without touching his food.

You're beautiful, forget him. He is ugly on the inside and that's something far worse than the ugly he seems to think he perceives!

Reminds me of the Abercrombie CEO who says his store's clothes are just for thin, good looking people, but he himself is butt fucking ugly. I bet your customer was a butt ugly prick as well.

They say he looks like the albino orc from Lord of the Rings.

I saw a picture of him the other day, I was very confused at first because I wasn't sure if it was a man or a woman. he does no justice to either gender

Yeah, and if he hates fat so much, I wonder why he got it injected into his face.

Ever beat someone with bread? Sounds like its time to try

Some if those staler loaves at subway probably could be used as a weapon to beat someone senseless with

But alas, Subway only has bread fresh baked daily!