By Anonymous - / Wednesday 13 May 2015 17:20 / Canada - Qu?bec
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  crackajak  |  15

Hey ignore the down votes, I completely agree. Fight bull shit with bull shit, except in this case it wouldn't be cattle feces, it would be my own. A flaming bag full of semi digested BDubs wings, ready to slap her in the face and return the favor.

  crackajak  |  15

What is there to solve? She left a note on his door step, ending their relationship. Since there's no more need to converse, why not return the favor with a heaping pile of "fuck you" on her doorstep?

  ZombieVampirez  |  24

So, your saying to stoop to her level and become as immature as her by doing something to her because she didn't want to be the bigger person and just break up with him in person? Makes no sense what so ever.

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