By Anonymous - 13/05/2015 17:20 - Canada - Qu?bec

Today, my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me by taping a breakup note to my doorstep and ding-dong-ditching me. FML
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Is your ex-girlfriend 12? That's one of the most immature things I've ever heard.

She isn't a real woman if she can't tell you in person. Sorry OP


Is your ex-girlfriend 12? That's one of the most immature things I've ever heard.

The people who have no business being in your life will remove themselves every time. She did you a favor OP.

At least she did the breaking up for you. You deserve better OP.

Some people just never grow up.

I hope this was a prank from someone else... But if not, you're obviously better off without her.

If so, he'd be going to prison...

@77 you clearly don't understand sarcasm...

#99 it's hard to convey sarcasm through text, although it was obvious that it was.

Clearly the most appropriate way to break up with someone... I mean, what if she had actually done it in person??

Well obviously she didn't want to come off as a mature, capable adult of society.....

It probably wouldn't have been much better in person

That's a great way to do it. Another great way to break up with someone and just say "our relationship is like a fat guy, it's not working out."

Or you could break up by saying our relationship is like a pickle. I don't like pickles.

Or you can say 'Your face. It's no longer my thing.'

She isn't a real woman if she can't tell you in person. Sorry OP

How do you know it was really his girlfriend that dropped off the note, and not someone trying to get to his girl?

#48 if they've been dating for three years he's got to recognize her handwriting by now, and that's extremely hard to copy.

Hard, but possible

She is still a woman, but she is just a coward

Follow up with the bag on fire (:

Hey ignore the down votes, I completely agree. Fight bull shit with bull shit, except in this case it wouldn't be cattle feces, it would be my own. A flaming bag full of semi digested BDubs wings, ready to slap her in the face and return the favor.

How would that solve anything?

What is there to solve? She left a note on his door step, ending their relationship. Since there's no more need to converse, why not return the favor with a heaping pile of "fuck you" on her doorstep?

So, your saying to stoop to her level and become as immature as her by doing something to her because she didn't want to be the bigger person and just break up with him in person? Makes no sense what so ever.

I'm saying I would stoop on her stoop and take a poop.

You'll find someone better

how do you know that? are you a fortune teller?

#70 Not even a fortune teller could know that

Lets be a little optimistic here?

It wouldn't be hard to find someone better...

She didn't give a ding-dong about you then

Technicaly she did

...what is this life?

A badass board game

Sorry for the three years you'll never get back. Sounds like she wasn't worth your time, anyway.

She sounds mature