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By FFS - 28/05/2015 17:41 - Cyprus - Limassol

Today, I received a promotional message offering a half-off deal on an expensive coffee maker. The only reason why I received the message is because I bought that same coffee maker yesterday and I signed up to their mailing list. FML
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return it and use the coupon on a new one

That sucks OP. Happened to me when I was buying a new phone and it was $100 off the next day. It sucks! :(


return it and use the coupon on a new one

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Very few things are as good as knowing you got a deal. Follow #1's advice and feel the savings

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Some places will refund you the difference in situations like this. Try it OP, and if not THEN return & rebuy it.

Or if they won't let you return it because it's used/out the box: then buy a new one at half price, then return it (unopened) with your first full-price receipt :)

That sucks OP. Happened to me when I was buying a new phone and it was $100 off the next day. It sucks! :(

Same thing happened when I got my phone!

I was getting the iPhone 6 and the price was suppose to go "up"

I hate it when it get mail in my inbox that I specifically asked for.

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The Fml isn't that she got mail. It's that she got mail for a half off coffe maker. The same one she got yesterday and she paid full price for it.

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If you reread my original comment, ignoring all replies, with the assumption I did not in fact miss the point of the FML, you might realize I just have a sarcastic sense of humor.

Sorry, the programmer in me is annoyed by the unclosed bracket. Yes, OP could now return it and then buy it again, but sometimes you cannot get into certain mailing lists without registering your product first. Some places don't even let you return it if you've already registered the product, too.

Hm, jmigs17, I don't detect a sarcastic sense of humor anywhere in those comments. I do, however, detect that you're a douche, like #14 said. Yes, I can see THAT quite clearly, but as for your "sarcastic sense of humor," well I'm afraid it seems nonexistent here.

22, the FML clearly states that the only reason OP got the coupon is because of her purchase of the coffee maker.

Don't get too steamed, OP. At least you've got a nice new coffee maker!

Took the words right out of my mouth. She should try to stop bean sad and look on the bright side of things! Edit: #12 made a similar pun with different rewording, I didn't mean to copy him/her.

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Use it to buy another, and then gift it to someone (when an appropriate occassion arises).

That must have bean terrible. Try to do what #1's said, hope you can get it sorted!

Well return it and then go buy it again

Well get another one and use the old one or the new one as a white elephant gift for Christmas...

I usually don't look back when I make a purchase. Why? because when I was building a computer for myself I saw a cheaper price for one of the more expensive components.

Is there any way you can return this one and get this one for half off