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Today, my wife put divorce papers in my birthday card. FML
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for her birthday u can tell her she doesn't get to keep the house

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that's messed up. are u ok bro?


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that ain't right, I don't care who you are

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who would do such a mean thing ?

You deserved it for having a mean wife. FYL for getting divorced on your birthday.

Now is the right time for revenge. Take a dump in her mailbox

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revenge is stupid... if she was that mean then you will be better off without her

it could have been worse! she could have taken a dump on it as well?! or even more drastic, set you and your child on fire on Sims 3 =O

Just what every husband wants for his bday lol Happy Shizday to you!

19, yeah she could have written "I want a divorce" on the cake!

damn. happy b'day I want a divorce. BTW you're not getting any tonight and I'm keeping the dog.

i was still first yayyyy eat that jealous fooooolzss

it's funny because she's divorcing you on your birthday

4 - how can you say such a thing?!? That's horrible!! I hope one day you get married and your husband cheats on YOU and divorces your ass! B**ch! No respect! Selfish! op - don't try and get revenge! You'll only stoop down to their childish ways! my ex husband cheated on me by having a secret myspace page and talking to all his ex's telling them I was a crazy bitch! Apparently I was "psycho" for texting my husband and telling him how much I loved and missed him throughout the day....FML

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...and then you woke up... am I right? (Nah, happy birthday...)

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all FMLs only matter to the OPs, reh-tard

She could have rigged the card to play funeral music and shot him!

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that's really sad. well... happy birthday op!

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She gave you a free-sex-with anyone ticket as a present.. be happy!

ohh wow that sucks, FYL I modded this :)

To people who are complaining about #4's comment, I thought #4 was referring to the fact that the first comment said 'first!', but since that comment has since been both moderated and deleted it looks like she's being really rude.

I dunno I pressed the wrong button and couldn't figure out how to undo it

hahahaaaa 19 that made me laugh ^,^ it's hard for it to get much worse than this

k well I'm over it don't wanna talk to u anymore lol

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Babyyappid, go spew your ignorance elsewhere... Disrespectful bitch.

124 wow that's a sexy pic showing your boobs

ps I was talking to the guy who said first. I feel bad for the OP no one deserves that

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#12, more like take a dump on her pillow. Or in her refrigerator.

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stop acting like a little bitch

What a creative wife you have! .. had.

My friend got his in an wedding annerversity card. In Iraq. With a photo of her with another guy. (She better hope he can't find her when he gets home)

19 how could it have been worse? she wants to divorce him. Think about IT. Oh and btw , fyl. no more sex for you! unless your both virgins which you probably aren't. :D

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"HAPPPYYY B- DAYY SWEETY! So anyway, u need to give me some money so I can go get a manicure and pedicure so that my new bf will be SOO turned on.oh and u need to pay for laundry! god! u actually think I wou spoil my spray tan by holding a bunch of cloths!!!!! ur soooo imature!! I hate you! y do u expect soooooo much of me!!! im throughhhh! here are the divorce papers, sigh...SIGN!!"

#56 judging by your profile page you are indeed a psycho - everything about that page screams "i would make a nightmare wife".

FYL atleast she did it with style rofl

187 - WTF? How so? Please...justify your opinion? Asshole

187 - you are just plain odd. I just looked at my page and all it says are my hobbies and what I do for a living. Go bother someone else because I don't give a shit. Ciao! 

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that's messed up. are u ok bro?

say you cant except it and give it back to her

There are times and places for certain things. This is not it.

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Just because she wanted a divorce doesn't necessarily make him a bad husband. People get divorced for reasons other than who's 'good' and who's not.

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Bleh, my comment wasn't supposed to be there. :/

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I think you replied to the wrong post bro.

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happens to me all the time i reply to comment B and it ends up on comment A and then comment B disappears and i look stupid.

for her birthday u can tell her she doesn't get to keep the house

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FYL because she didn't tell you that I gave her VD

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omg im so sorry op idnt give a fuqk id be the bitch up idnt care im a girl too women deserv to get a **** up if they slippen smh -_-

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it's because you don't speak enough f'd up US English in the UK or Aus., lol.

or France ;) So bonethugbaby is also a woman, but believes that the wife should get beaten up for doing that on his birthday. she also believes it is appropriate to beat up a woman if she gets out of line...

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i speak "american english" fluently. it's not our fault if she doesn't know how to use punctuation or make correct sentences. or at least understandable ones.

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I'm on an iPod and it's too slow putting the capital letters in. But it doesn't change the comprehension level of the sentence so I don't bother putting them in. Just this one time though, to please your greatness.

Ludii, I was making fun of the US's bastardization of English, not the UK/Aus/France; hence the "f'd" up American English and smiley...

#17 was NOT speaking "American English". #17 was speaking "Idiot English", which people from all countries are capable of, and I've seen British, Australian, French, and people from just about every other country **** up English, so don't act like that is a purely American thing.

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Yeah I don't understand why we all have to rip on each other, we're allies!

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I'm not... But whoever translated forgot to mention that, that commentator also said she was a girl and that girls need to be beat when outta line? Not to sure on the outta line part, oh she was also shaking her head. Does that clear up things for you folks? Lol

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i just dont understand how people can **** up their native language this bad. "fuqk" is not a word.

You are all criticizing her grammar and not the fact that she said women should be beaten?...