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This. Seriously it's your fault if you gave it to him. By the looks of it, you did, otherwise you would have mentionned it..


Unless it's about the timespan it took for her to get the new boyfriend. Yes, not all FMLs necessarily mean they actually happened TODAY, but it can be inferred that, whenever this happened, the next day was her birthday, and she sent her probably "hours-old" boyfriend to pick up her present. Anyway, it almost indicates she was cheating on him.

you better return whatever you got her and keep the money or treat yourself to a hooker. she's got a new bitch now so you better get over it. drink!

What present? If you got her something, tell her she can get it herself, and if she won't she doesn't deserve it. Sorry to hear that, though. FYL indeed.

lol @6 why would you even give her the gift now? screw her, seriously.. better break it, burn it and rap it up again and then you give it to her.

I hope the OP didn't give her the gift, YDI if you did give the gift, FYL if you didn't sounds like she's an Uber-bitch you can do better

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