By jake - 07/02/2010 18:56 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because I forgot it was her birthday. We had only been dating for 2 weeks. I didn't even know when it was. FML
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at least now you can find someone older than 14

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Some girls are annoying as hell like that.


You're better off without her, don't worry. Edit: What, I'm the only one to follow FML during the Superbowl? Multitask, j0.

??? Ask what? Edit: oh, ask her birthday. I don't disagree, but she's holding something against him that SHE KNEW he couldn't have known without stalking her. He's better off without her.

unless she told him her birthday days before and he forgot...

AngryNinja 1

he says he didn't know when it was. I would hope he'd admit to forgeting. even if he DID forget, she's more than unstable. probably ran out of her bipolar meds.

oh sorry I should have read more carefully but ya FYL either way

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that's what I thought too cuz they replied to 1 but of course he only did it so his worthless comment could be read

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The way I see it if you are going to be calling her your girlfriend the least you could do is know her birthday.

No #1, you are not alone. Believe it or not there is a whole world outside America (I know, really!) that doesn't care about or even understand Gridiron

You're about two hours late there tiger.

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I agree with 21, you dodged a bullet. 5 months in and I still dot expect my boyfriend to remember my birthday, which is why I'll remind him a few days beforehand. Pecople can be bad with remembering dates.

Really? I'd say you need to find a better boyfriend. And no, I'm not being needy or expecting too much. Sure, a few weeks in, my boyfriend could NEVER remember the exact date of my birthday (he knew it was on the twenty-something of that month), but 5 months in, I would at least expect him to remember the day I was born.

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he shouldn't have to ask, they were only together for 2 weeks, n usually when ur birthday is close to commin u tell ppl or at least talk about it , I kno I do....

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page was probably only dating u hoping to get a gift ha girls don't like being alone when holidays or birthdays roll around

I had only been going out with my boyfriend for about two weeks before his birthday, and I remembered. My birthday was less than a month later and he remembered mines. Admittedly, if he had forgotten my birthday, I wouldn't have broken up with him. Your girlfriend really wasn't worth it.

I'm a bipolar girl and even I wouldn't do something like that, even off my meds!

hence the reason why the first two things u find out about ur gf is her bday and eye color. lol

well thats the thing with girls; no matter what you do, you cant win. even if you remembered her bday shed find something else to bitch about.

some people are naturally bad with dates. the only reason i know my boyfriend of 7 month's birthday is because i asked him a ton of times AND put it in my phone/computer/physical calendars. My best friend of 9 YEARS? i just know it's in january sometime with a 2. and my LIFELONG best friend? some time in august with a 3. some people just suck at dates, doesn't mean you should break up with them

rachexl 0

at least now you can find someone older than 14

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not all 14 year olds are that stupid, and many older girls can be.

part of being in a relationship is knowing dumb shit like that but I wouldn't know my girlfriend Bday if I didn't put it in my phone calender haha fyl

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ew. ohio is the armpit of the us.

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Some girls are annoying as hell like that.

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WTF  want to know what Jews and stoners have in common???? they both get baked rofl sorry just heard it lol

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im going to hell for laughing at that.

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Looks like I'm going with you :(

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that must mean that she didn't realy want to go out, sorry bro

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5th! but still, you should have asked maybe a week before. It would be polite(: haha(:

Sun_Kissed18 25

No, not really. That's not a casual conversation topic. At least, its not for me. It would have come up eventually if her birthday was farther away but she should have brought it up since it was so close

^ This. Gotta assume that he doesn't use a social network with alerts much, and she didn't have anything planned involving him, because she would have presumably invited him. Either this or he stopped listening waaaaaay too early in the relationship.

MermaidSongXOXO 6

You should've asked. But, that girl is stupid if she didn't even tell you and she still broke up with you and probably bitched at you, too, about forgetting her birthday. You didn't forget, she just never told you :/

AngryNinja 1

since when is being fifth an accomplishment. jake, babe, you need a girl who doesn't find random shit to blame on you. my ex forgot my birthday and I spent days comforting him instead of being pissed. you need someone who will forgive you anything, like I have done for my (sadly) ex.

I wouldve told him to stop crying and go buy me cupcake and card... damn

AngryNinja 1

hehe.. i thought about it. but I woulda felt like a bitch.

she knows you didn't know her birthday. she just needed a reason to dump you and the birthday thing was convenient.

YDI, surely you knew her before going out? most people know their friends birthdays, but even if you didn't know it's still bad.

I don't. It's not like it's really important.