By gutted - 21/04/2011 08:33 - New Zealand

Today, one of my really close friends changed from being 'free' to 'quite busy' in the space of one conversation because I suggested that we hang out. FML
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I assume by "really close friend" you mean "guy you've been stalking for the past 6 months by writing daily love letters, hanging out outside his house, and stealing his dirty underwear for your own olfactory pleasure".


MisherzzSquisher 0

what if something actually came up? it really depends on who OP is talking to, and how close they really are.

heart surgery yup definently heart surgery due to a heart attack because OP's friend was so exited to hang out

BellaGoBoom 6

Getting rid of your friends because you suck is a sub-par idea at best =^-^=

maybe op is just very ugly or annoying?

doglover100 28

Depends on a tight scedule.

you're thinking too much, maybe your friend changed status to busy so she could hang out with you.

I'm guessing OP posted this some time after the incident. So that's probably unlikely, unless they wanted to take that part of their day out of context for some attention.

Daerauko 0

unless she was on the phone or computer as the conversation was going on and the friend was like **** hanging out with someone that won't get off the damn phone and is gonna practically ignore me all day/night.

Well, I hate it when a chick asks me if I'm busy on the weekend, and I reply not particularly, and then they ask you on a date. Just so awkward.

What's wrong with just saying no? Slightly awkward but less so than having someone dangling on your hook indefinitely. Honestly, anyone that tries to take away all the excuses before making a move deserves to be told flat out that you're uninterested.

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha ydi, because that's what your categorizing as a close friend....

No offense but that doesn't sound like someone I'd call "best"

okay let me rephrase that. "sounds like my almost-ex-bestfriend" happy?(:

cptmorgan15 2

Ya you should probably stop commenting all together.

im sorry but qas that meant to be an insult? :s

cptmorgan15 2

Not at all. It just seems like half the time you comment, you make a fool out of yourself. So, I was just giving you some helpful advice.

it wasn't helpful so please just don't bother with the advice.

briidontgive_ 0

I didn't think she was making a fool outta herself.

i think you might want to get some new friends; maybe some that are more your type of people

againey 0

sounds like you need a new friend..

sincerely331 0

Get new close friends. Its obvious that person is not a real friend, if he/she couldn't just tell you the truth, instead of using that bullshit ass "busy" excuse, which annoys me btw, then they aren't worth your time anymore. **** them!