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Because, y'know, everyone loves a little sexual harassment.

That's your cosmic come-uppance for being obnoxious towards good-looking females, who surprisingly don't enjoy the whistles and catcalls from random men in cars. Obviously, YDI.


thats for trying to impress somebody. -.-

YDI for being a creeper. Try to pick up girls without using your car, ugly.

Agreed. YDI for being one of those creepers I have to deal with every other day, they are annoying and scary. =/

I don't think it's about trying to pick up girls so much as exert power over them. I have the feeling if whistlers/etc ever got a reaction besides shock and discomfort, they wouldn't know what to do with it. OP, YDI.

I agree, when you try to impress someone you look like an ass. I can't blame you for whistling at the girls, cause I do it myself. However, I am careful when I do it, and I make sure that there are no cars around for me to hit when I do it.

Whistle at them? Loser.

If you saw two hot chicks on the sidewalk, then either a) you were not driving in Massachusetts, or b) they were another state.

oh I totally agree! never thought of it htat way

You're an asshole, just like the OP is a disgusting loser.

Why the hell did you think whistling at them would be sexy?

I hate when guys do that. YDI for being an asshole. -_-

Because, y'know, everyone loves a little sexual harassment.

LMFAO. *High-five*

Comment moderated for rule-breaking.. Show it anyway If we learned anything from the fifties, that's definitely it. :-D

At the very least, it's annoying and NOT flattering, #6.

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Because, y'know, whistling at two women like they're dogs is such a great way to show them that you approve of their looks.

Good Old Grim, You sound so bitter. I'm getting a vibe that you're one of those creepy guys that does this kind of bullshit and get disappointed when girls don't respond in a positive way. Or maybe you're one of those guys that cannot take a hint when a girl does not want to have anything to do with you because apparently, your incapability of reading minds has handicapped you on scoring bitches.

Ah yes. So suddenly if the guy cat calling me is attractive, I don't care about feeling degraded anymore.

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#19, are you trolling or just stupid? If ANY man I didn't know slapped me on the ass, I would put him in the hospital, even if he were good-looking. I actually find that being good-looking can make guys think they can do no wrong--which is not the case. Moreover, I find getting whistled at extremely insulting. For one thing, there's only a few short steps between whistling and grabbing his crotch and waggling his tongue at me as I walk by, which is SO gross and disrespectful. The whistling is just as disrespectful, if not quite as gross. It can get threatening very quickly, too. It's easy to ignore whistling, but if you ignore them when they talk to you, they can get angry. This really happened to me: "Hey baby, are you a model or something?" (Ignore.) "Bitch, I just paid you a compliment!" (And don't say I deserved it...I was on my way to work at a daycare and was wearing nothing revealing.) It's always in the back of my mind that someday, the wrong guy could feel insulted when I ignore him, which makes the whistling and the catcalls kind of scary. Seriously, I don't care how cute you are. If you are disrespectful to me, you are NOT going to get a favorable response. Any girl who does like it is just insecure. I'm not saying it's not okay to think the girls you see are attractive. But whistling at them is really not okay. Oh, and in case it's not clear where I stand on this...OP, Y fucking DI.

Look, dear, there are fuckloads of women here confirming that, yes, it is sexual harassment. Are you really trying to tell us we don't know our own minds? It feels degrading, threatening and downright fucking horrible. Are there some women who don't experience it so? Sure. However, the fact that so many do should be enough to make it clear to any man that engaging in this sort of crap makes them, unquestionably and regardless of their physical attractiveness, an arsehole of the highest order.

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Grim, the exception only proves the rule. But of course, you're a man and you know better than we do, don't you? Women are such fickle things, aren't they? So simple in their lady-minds, but thankfully we have you. If not for men like you, we wouldn't know what was going on, we'd just be confused and probably would cry. Because we're just so stupid.

Why do you think you can argue that something isn't sexist if you readily admit to being sexist? People like you baffle me.

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12, I've had very attractive men sexually harass me -- and it's still not fun. Plus, I get pissed at anyone who tries to hit on me from their car window.

letitbe56, THANK YOU for post number 34. This describes exactly how I feel. I've even had a police office cat-call at me from his car, it made me feel horrible and I wish I had called in his car number. And Good_old_Grim, please do not attempt to describe the inner thoughts and emotions of women if you've never been one. Letitbe56 was right, it's downright scary and always makes me feel like dirt.

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Good_old_Grimm- I don't like being groped or whistled at by any guys, no matter what they look like. If some guy in a bar grabs my ass, but he looks like an underwear model, I'd still rip him a new one. It may be oh-so-surprising to you, but I actually like it when guys talk to me like a human being. I also hate when they talk to me like I'm an idiot just because I'm pretty. (P.S. when they do that, I start messing with their heads).

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I'm not "complaining about being pretty". I'm complaining about guys being condescending because they think attractive = dumb.

So what is the purpose of dressing like a Saturday night whore if you do not want to attract attention???

I agreed with what you were saying until you said "bitches".......

FarSide, I'm hoping that's a joke.

Link5794 18

2 Somehow, I read that in Ray William Johnson's voice.

You totally get me

I'm not one of the pretty girls, but these things have even happened to me a couple of times. It is not flattering. A smile and introduction will get you far.

That's your cosmic come-uppance for being obnoxious towards good-looking females, who surprisingly don't enjoy the whistles and catcalls from random men in cars. Obviously, YDI.

This happened to me twice in one week, I don't understand what they think they whistling or waving is going to do for them. Has anyone ever met their soul mate through sexual harassment?


you totally deserved it.

Why do guys do this? it is creepy and not cool at all. So stop. YDI btw.

YDI for whistling at "two hot girls". Just look with your eyes man, no need to whistle.

YDI for being a douche bag.

YDI. You're a douche bag, a lot of girls are REALLY put off by that, myself included. And what's worse, you weren't paying attention to the road.

This is basically what I was thinking, except, to me, the whistling was pretty much whatever. A guy that whistled at my friends and me from his car just got a bunch of laughter from us. To me, it's not enough to get mad about. It's just kinda funny that he'd be compelled do that, and hey, we look good, but we know we're intelligent. That's enough for us. No one can objectify me without my allowing myself to accept it. Mostly, I think he deserved it because there could've been something else at that red light. Kids crossing the road, maybe? He should be thanking his lucky stars that ALL he had to do was pay for car damage, and not bear the weight of a pedestrian's death just because he wanted to whistle at some hot chicks.

ydi... enough said

Fucking loser. It wouldn’t matter how hot you are. All people deserve respect- even if you were the sexiest man alive, most girls would be pretty insulted that you whistled at them like they were a dog and tried to impress them with your car, rather than respecting them and introducing yourself the way NORMAL people do, along with a compliment or two. Women shouldn’t have to put up with that shit from wankers like you. YDI big time.