By Photagrapher - 18/08/2010 04:09 - France

Today, my girlfriend asked for a picture of my penis, so I sent her one. Then later on, she asked for one when I was hard, the first one I sent I was hard. FML
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Quest_ 13

Good news for you is that you can fuck her left nostril while she licks your balls.

anyone's penis look small on a phone... u should tell her to measure it with her mouth next time


hahahahaha. that's got to suck.

xesyeso 0

awww baby penis! (: and when i say awww i mean ew.

man ur an idiot.. why the fuck send a chick a picture of ur dick.. u make her wait for it atleast.. and her phones gotta have a small screen or something.. unless she has an iPhone than.. that's just sad

Relys 0

let me cack you!

unfortunately OP, it couldn't have been worse :(

Trupe 3

Haha I never understood why people with small dicks send girls pictures and get all offended when they call them out on their smalldickosity. That's happened to like four people I know. I need to stop hanging out with needle dicks haha. :P

mona_is_here 10

I never understood why people would want to take a picture of their genitals or why would anyone want to see them. Gross.

hahahaha 18, r u the only black guy among your friends? and 19.. u look Lebanese

Shookitup 0

haha baby boner :P

dear #19. hi-5

mona_is_here 10

marinus, yay :D 21, I'm Armenian-Tatar.

Ali_Br_fml 33

yeah, I wonder why pol send pictures of their genitalia too. You're only giving your s/o a chance to show all their friends, or post it to some website. Haven't you ever seen that happen to someone??? Even if it was only on tv? On the news @ least? I'm posting this again b/c my comment didn't show up. If it does show up, sorry for the double post...

Mona, if by yay you mean thankyou, no problem :) if not, I don't know what else to say haha

anyone's penis look small on a phone... u should tell her to measure it with her mouth next time

mona_is_here 10

31, hahaha yeah, it was like a high-five in response :D

mona_is_here 10

what else could it mean? I'm lost now xD

So sad, yet funny because mine is bigger than average (for a White guy lol)

Mona I even confused myself o.0

mona_is_here 10

lmao marinus, you have too good imagination :D

LOLers! Seriously though I can already see you sitting there like a loser taking a picture of your willy. Ew.

PhatHakop 0

I'm Armenian too!

haha thank-you Mona :)

#39 omg that's like soo awesome! I'd totally do you now you've said that on the internet. (I don't think I have to mention that was meant sarcastically, but just to be sure: It wasw meant sarcastically)

39 go put your huge cock to use instead of wasting my time by posting stupid shit. its obvious you have a 2 inch cock, just admit it and go away.

mona_is_here 10

51, awesome!! I can tell that by your name, nice to see another Armenian person on here! :)))

54- I like your sarcasm lmao I think 39 is some 8 year old kid that got permission to use fml and msn from his parents and feels like he is a bad ass

mona_is_here 10

What, does one need a permission to visit this site? If I were a kid, I'd just not tell my parents and delete the browser history afterwards :P

#36 you win

hey 54, i'm 8 inches. Will you do me instead? hahaha

...Aaand that's why you don't send picks of your penis. That's it for today's class! See you tomorrow when we talk about what not to stock in your vagina!

stick* sorry

KiddNYC1O 20

19, I would at least want to see a picture of your boobs

Hahahaha agreed

jrarndt17 0


mona_is_here 10

97, I always like your comments, they are so honest yet sarcastic haha

ayychihuahua 0

hahahahaha that constipated turtle comment made me laugh harder than the fml. win :) for chaos

dickster 0

Your gammar sucks that small penis of yours, and YDI for sending dick pics. I hope she puts them on the Internet.

dickster 0

Ok Steve... that was really not necessary. No one cares about that.

dickster 0

Lol #54. I was wondering why he even posted that...

Blue_Coconuts 7

I can't take a picture of mine.... iPhone doesn't have a panoramic mode yet. Snap!

lol dumb move..don't yu watch MTV when they tell yu not to send pics..?!?!..paha

54 has saggy old lady tits and 59 is a greasy spic

61 has a tiny penis, as emphasised by the fact he is trying to show his muscles off on the Internet and clearly has penis shame.

quent10 0

needle dick! needle dick! needle dick!

hahaha baby d, baby ,d baby d, baby d, baby d. hahahahahahahahahaha

itsjustme13 0

#3 Bahahaha

Viatus 0

The joke is that he said penis.

dumbass u deserve it

mona_is_here 10

138, haha noo, why should I hate you? we had a little argument here in comments a while ago but I guess, it's quite natural that people can't agree about just everything. overall I like your way of thinking. :)

TurboTalon 0

OP should dump his online girlfriend.

120 .. u feelin jelious huh I don't mind that u have the need to hate on my achievements due to your lack of determination to move your ass and hit the gym

I like the way u think 152,, the weightroom is the best place to be

soccerdude101 0

lookin good

if I was this guy, that woulda bruised the ego a bit. but since I'm not, I can laugh :P poor OP .. it's okay!

97 Beat me to it ;(

VoidDreams 0

All hail #36!

cporter125 0

ydi for having a small penis

wow 3 ur gorgeous =D can I hav ur number???

18, you need to stop hanging out with white people then.

36 got the right idea

I'll show you a man penis and you'll want in wall the more but I may supply for some head..

you can get the dick

eshaa 5


linx468 8

Not your fault, you can't choose how big your genitals are.

DarkHelmet 10

eeeewwwww time to talk to the doctor about some natural male enhancement OP

that won't make it bigger , just harder faster for longer

i have worked put that guys who brag that theu have large a large penis half the time actually have small a penis, i have a freind in year 9 who kwpt braggibg about having a large penis then got cacked with an erection... all i have to say is that my teory was proved that day

lmao. Idk what to say OP.. go get some extenze? Try that, i guess. I hear it works from a few friends of mine.

lickmyjock 0

lol nub

Don't mind #5, apparently they have a drinking problem seeing as they spelt noob wrong and the fact that his martini is bigger then his head which also makes me question his sexuality.

actually your correction of his spelling of the word "nub" shows that you don't know what you're talking about. Nub is commonly used in many different online video games. So yeah his drink is bigger than his head - he might be gay or in the closet, but he spelt noob as it is implying that he could be a huge nerd. Hence, a gay nerd.

Go look up the definition of nub retard

linx468 8

MrDanimal FTW

zanesaurus 0

Actually, my dad drinks martini's and has been married to my step-mom for 15 years, owns 8 Verizon stores, and lives in a 6500 sq. ft. home. So questioning someone's sexuality because of a drink seems really ignorant.

Basing peoples sexuality on what they own or have is ignorant. You shouldn't judge him for what he's hiding from your family that's his buisness.

linx468 8

Also you forgot his name sounds gay and his old picture, which was of a man who looked like a transvestite.

See Linx sees it. I bet in about 10 days we will see an fml about you dad and lickmyjock. I promise not to say we told you so.

lickmyjock 0


I don't see any caps or "!" so I don't believe so. thanks for asking though :) You gays are so nice and sensitive :D

thriceforme 3

#62, okay, so he's gay and you look like a convict. No wonder your gaydar went off. it's super sensitive, too :-)

lickmyjock 0

by the way number 7, look up nub on urban dictionary k thanks:-)

I'm not black, I use real dictionarys, k thanks.

lickmyjock 0

it really has nothing to do with being black.

Dictionaries* Oh, the irony. <3

to 30, 6500 ft isn't impressive. lol I my dads a construction worker, and we have 2100 just for our driveway. plus a lot of land in our back feild, and in our front yard, and by the side of our house. plus I have a trampoline. just sayin.

81- no one gives a shit about the size of your driveway or that you own a trampoline. sorry to break it to you and all.

LightningLadyy 0

85 is right.

85- actually, I was just proving how his yard really is nothing to brag about. when your from WISCONSIN :D, 6500 is the size of a thumbtack. hahaha

Ratard, you do realize that 6500 is referring to the square footage of the house, not the lot, right? And 6500 sq ft is huge by anyone's standards. The trampoline comment was so amazing that I laughed out loud. No way!! Trampoline?!?! Get out!

oh it's his name, my bad. sorry

ahah nice one

111- YOU BET! and I thought he was referring to his yard, whoops. lol and I'm a chick, haha.

62- you look like a murderer o_O

I obviously am seeing as only murderers wear skullcaps... and have beards.

Xavi89 0


take enzyme! lose your chode!

Schizomaniac 24

Ahaha. Try again. An enzyme is a reaction-catalyzing protein in biological systems. :/

thank you for being smart ^.^ now some people have more to help them with biology :P

Schizomaniac 24


could you be referring to Enzyte?

idk! but he has a chode! and it needs to get teh fuck off this planet... my cocks 8"

drakeforever 0


Shaeeey 0

nawww that must suck be brave!! lol it's not about the size it's how you use it

no, she cares about the size.

you shouldn't sext ass hole

Why does having some fun with his significant other make him an asshole?