By Anonymous - 02/10/2009 08:37 - Australia

Today, I sent my long-distance girlfriend the first photo of me I'd sent her in a while. It was a photo of me with some of my friends, she didn't know which one I was. FML
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That's a pretty big failure on your part. Sure she's a gf?

He said long-distance, not internet. People can have long-distance relationships with people who they maybe used to live in the same town as, but moved away.


That's a pretty big failure on your part. Sure she's a gf?

Well he did say it was the first picture in a WHILE that he'd sent. People can change a lot in a even a short time.

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#44 That drives home the point of "are you sure she's your gf" even harder.

Of course she doesn't know who you are. You're long distance. She's probably never seen you. In fact, she probably isn't even really a female. Probably just some middle age male pervert who likes to pretend he's a pretty girl and is flattered you're paying attention to him. Stop sending pictures of your friends to this guy.


Thats what I thought too. Dating someone you've never met but seen "hot pix" of on Myspace is not a "long distance relationship." The OP's "girlfriend" is either a fat chick with fake pics or a man with fake pics.

He said long-distance, not internet. People can have long-distance relationships with people who they maybe used to live in the same town as, but moved away.

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ya! owned!

err..if she couldn't even tell which one he was im almost positive to say this is long distance internet relationship..otherwise fhl for being so ******* retarded

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he could've gotten bigger, grown a mustache, gotten glasses, hair cut, or worked out some, and that could've changed his appearance. I wear glasses and I got contacts and just by that little thing, most of my friends hesitated to say my name, thinking I was a new kid. it happens! and that was within a day.

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yea, it doesnt sound like thats a relationship even worth the effort at this point

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Well what did you expect? She is your long distance girlfriend. Have you ever even met her in person?

Maybe she moved away and they haven't seen each other in a while.

Long-distance, doesn't always mean he met her on the internet and now they're "dating". They could just be going to different universities that are really far away. If the picture was from a bit of a distance, I can kind of see how she wouldn't be able to tell you apart from your friends, that is, if you have brown hair and have no distinct qualities that would cause you to stand out from the crowd (Brown hair is the most common, and generally, if you can't see faces very clearly, a group of guys can look very similar, even a group of girls can). OR if you've changed in any way since the last picture you sent her (got in shape, gained weight, changed your hair colour, etc), that could be a reason why she might not recognize you.

You forgot YDI, Mercy. Oh, and n00b.

Ok, how many girls do you know that wouldn't recognize their (real life) boyfriends in a picture? Barring amnesia or other head injuries, probably not many. This chick is probably internet-only, in which case, YDI, OP.

You put on your robe and wizard hat, Mercy?

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uh oh, "mercyFML" sure got wound up over people dissing long distance relationships. don't worry, you and "xxKillbloodDiePreppies" the emo kid from Idaho that you are dating over myspace, will be just fine. unless its a horrible picture, how could you not recognize your own boyfriend if you have seen him in real life?

Wow, proof that I've been gone for a while: a conversation develops on my post. & I'm sorry Mercy. I will revoke my original comment and replace it with: ZOMGz!! She's prolly a fatty old man whos all sweaty nd fat nd stuffz!!11!!!!!111! YDI BITCHEZ!! how's that? =)

My thoughts exactly. People can gain weight, lose weight, change their hairstyle, etc but how can the face change so drastically? Unless he did plastic surgery or something, it's not possible, and even then it has to be a full fledged transformation. It's biologically explained somewhere I'm sure, that your face reaches a definite structure at some young age. So even if your face became "fat" or something, you still have to be recognized. So all of you who thinks he deserves it for whatever reason, think again by putting yourselves in that situation.

Are you Asian?


probably not, but you're retarded just for saying that.

Boohoo, your life is ruined. This is neither FYL or YDI.

That is NOT a relationship.

shes not your girlfriend, and she doesnt have to recognize you, cause you're a fat-ass loner who probably doesnt have friends and cant even make friends with people in real life.

YDI for having a long-distance relationship, loser.