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  littlem91  |  29

#55 - everyone has sex, a dad taking the mick instead of being unable to accept his daughter is a human being (and, to have her, he was shagging someone's daughter) rocks.

By  Danielle7994  |  18

How were you able to mix them up? The only reason I would vote "your life sucks" is if their names are right under eachother in your contacts list. That way, it would just be a slip of your thumb. If not that then...YDI for sure.

  Renesaga  |  8

Well let's say her name is Sally, and in his phone, her father is just listed as Sally's Dad. In the contact list, they'd be right next to each other. That seems like the most likely explanation for this FML.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

4- Actually, I've screwed this up before recently myself. :p My buddy is listed in my phone as "Purplenurplehurts, R." and his 18 yr old daughter who babysits my kids as "Purplenurplehurts, S.", so one is right under the other. I was texting both of them, him to work out, and her to organize her next shift, when he teased me about not being too energetic today, and how I should lay off the sexual activities for a bit. When I went to reply, the babysitter had asked something and I was unknowingly asking her "If you only had the energy to masturbate all day or workout, what would you do?"
I was a bit embarassed when she responded that she would personally choose the first opinion, but suggested that I give my penis the day off for a change. ;P
The point was though, I can really see how this mix up can easily happen. ;)

  Danielle7994  |  18

31, Actually, it keeps going in alphabetical order from letter to letter. Even though the first string of letters is the same, the last 2 letters are not. R is first before S. But I see your point.

  Darkmagic666  |  9

In my phone when you text someone that text moves to the top, and if someone texts me it pops up on top if I click it or don't pay attention to the name, which I've done before, this can easily happen. I know not all phones are the same, but mistakes happen. OP is lucky however that the link was all he got.