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  SneezyBear  |  27

Where on earth did you get that idea? All we know is that the friend forwarded the picture. She probably sent it as a screenshot or with an accompanying text "look what your brother sent me". Almost anything is more plausible than that OP recognised her brother's junk by sight... O_o

  KittyMack  |  13


I can see forwarding it to the mom or dad, since they were responsible for raising him so it could be partly their fault he's so creepy, and possibly they could influence him to change his ways.
But what does the poor sibling have to do with it!? I can't see how it's her fault at all, so why traumatize and mortify HER?
My gawd. If I ever saw a relative's dick pic it would destroy my sex drive for life. I'd need electric shock therapy to erase the memory. So horrible.
Possibly she'd deserve that if she gave him the friend's number, knowing bro was not a classy dude. But my bet is he just copied it from her phone without her permission, or had it for a legit reason like carpooling.
If OP really was innocent, the friend sending her the pic is arguably worse than the brother sending it to the friend. A relative's dick is so much worse than just a typical unwelcome dick.