By Still Dry - 18/08/2010 02:01 - United States

Today, I went to a water park, and the fee to get in was $39.95. Once I got in I was really thirsty, so I got a soda and then I hear over the intercom that the park is closing due to a clog in the cleaning system. I paid 43.67 for a soda. FML
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You deserved it 4 228

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I agree with 7. if that was the case and they didn't refund you for a glitch in their system, there would be a LOT of angry,complaining park-goers. lol

haha that sucks!!! :P was the soda at least a dr. pepper ;) haha


It could have been a lot worse!

Haha sounds like something which would happen to me -.-

its worth it IMO

ydi for being a fat, soda drinking American.

#4- It could have been diet(;

YDI for not being able to convert water vapor into a relaxing beverage

ur username is a that's what she said op

Haha.(: that sucks. FYL

Sue their "rear-ends" (gotta keep this PG for the mods) for your cash back and the candy store at the park It's worth your time

they should have given you a refund.

9 - Diet soda is actually unhealthier than regular soda.

YDI for not getting a refund.

well at least you weren't waiting in a really long line for a ride then when you finally got up to the front (45 mins later) they closed the park down.

marinus we don't need any more repetitive phrases

you went to raging waters, huh? I got sick from there from the water D: I really don't want to know what's in that water, super gross!

not like any1 goes to a waterpark for the water. hey go for the legendary mysterious soda Lucky

black_knight, just imagine how bad it would have been if he got his soda, and it was warm!! I think I have a valid point.

I just moderated this! I win

sounds like a good day! lol

That's how much it costs at West Edmonon Mall pricey, Eh? 

damn. that is when you get your money back. fyl.

throw your coke at someones face that works there and get your money back. this shouldn't be a difficult thought process.

42. No. Coke is an illegal drug. No throwing at peoples' faces. Bad. 

Sounds like everyday life in America. Ya do something and bigger power has its way of taking advantage you. welcome to America. sadly.

42. No. Coke, is an illegal drug. Stop trying to be a rebel. Bad. 

lmao ahaha

damn that sucks

"I'm so thirsty...look a pop machine!! ughh it's an RC machine. looks like I'm screwed."

19- I agree that both are unhealthy for different reasons. The fact that diet soda is sugar and calorie free was my only point.

it would probably happen to me too. sue the mthrfkrs!!

lmao at 4. you know diet soda is worse? :)

Ha 71, everytime I look at the "I see" face, I think of Peter from family guy XD

#83 i see...

Haha, giggity XD

88- If you would have seen my second comment (75). You would know that I do(;

Pretty sure you would have gotten a refund. Quit bitching before I bitch slap your ass.

and an "anorexicbarbie" would know a lot about health, huh?

71-hahahahaha family guy

pepsi is betttter than coke

19 - *less healthy

OP that's a shame they should hve given you some kind of discount or [email protected] congratulations you can count to potato and you're an ignorant douchebag

#4 I hope you're morbidly obese when you get older, like in a few years when you turn 13

you cud get a refund

ya cuz diet soda has fake sugar which is worse than normal sugar

We are not all fat! Anyway fyl op. And not all Americans are fat, soda drinking people.

ydi for not getting a refund

You deserved it for lieing. They would of gave you a refund. You deserved it for buying a pop for that much. F the water parks life for having you there. Not your life.

YDI for paying more than three dollars for a soda...

so cancer is better than being overweight. and 4 just shut up you're just jealous of our fuckin sweet country.

272 How the fuck could you say that asshole?! NEITHER Of them are good!

you woulda paid well ova 3 for mineral??

you will get a refund or something. calm down

FAKE! u wouldnt have to pay tht much for a soda

Isn't that being just a little harsh?

lol damn that sucks!!!!! fyl indeed

so? at least you have your soda so you don't die of thirst.

that's what i was gunna day. OP gets to walk out with the soda.

I can haz sodas?

haha that sucks!!! :P was the soda at least a dr. pepper ;) haha

Dr. Pepper is amazing :D

cokè all the way but hey dr. pepper is still great too

Dr.Pepper is my favorite :)

Coke is my 2nd favorite ^.^ Dr. Pepper just takes it all, I mean 23 flavors in one drink! An explosion in my mouth!! .....that sounded so wrong...haha :P

like I said dr. pepper is still great too

 I choked on the 23 flavours. Still tasted good.

lol careful there 48 u set urself up big time

Pepsi kicks Coke in the mouth hard

Hahaha "explosion in my mouth" LOL nassty ;) haha

Ha I know! but I couldn't resist XD

48, I'll give ya an explosion in your mouth :D

haha i couldnt resist letting off that explosion! ;) lol your pretty...

Dr. Pepper = disgusting

Her pretty what? Finish the sentence!

48 I warned u!!! soty pepsi sucks so much but heck if u think it's good I respect ur opinion as well

its a compliment smart one!!! & Dr Pepper is the Best!! :D

Ahh I was just trying to make a funny ^.^

well you sure did make me laugh:)

*cough* *suck-up* *cough*

#62 you have some REALLY bad taste buds.

stop choking on those nuts fish boy!

soty I could have easily said fuck u for saying that pepsi is better but I didn't

Ya 62 you fail because someone not liking Dr.Pepper is the equivalent of a black person hating kool aid!!!

ahh 79 XD funny stuff there.

Maybe you all have fail taste buds and mine are perfectly normal?

lol ok 79 ftw!!!!!

^^^ I don't understand your name 84 care to explain?

maybe you just didnt brush your teeth the first time you drank Dr.Pepper!! :)

87 - Something I randomly thought of and liked it.

Mayb he had a lil explosion leftover?

Good story ^.^ Write a novel, make millions and buy Dr. Pepper til you love it.

Thats like saying, "If you take it up the pooper enough times, you'll eventually like it!" Doesn't work that way, sadly.

I have never heard that saying before... Please don't tell me people actually say that to you, well you kind of look like someone alot of us know... Ha just kidding :P

don't lie!!! no ur not lol!!!!!! jking....

#97 I don't get it are you trying to say if you stick dr. pepper up your butt hole you'll eventually like it?? I think you should try that.

Who might that be? And no, I was being stupid.

106 - That actually made me lol IRL.

Oh come on, do I really have to announce it? Hon, you got the Beiber hair going on 0.o

Dr.Pepper kicks everythings ass. it's so awesome, Ninjas drink it.

#110 that explains why he's talking about putting thins up his butt!

My cover is blown! Curse you for revealing my true identity; Justin homosexual Bieber.

Don't foul Dr. Pepper aka the greatest drink in the world.

But Justin beiber is a girl... o.O

111- to bad ur no ninja!!!!!

I'm a ninja ^.^ Look at the Mona Lisa's picture, I was next to her, I'm just too ninja to be seen :D

#129 there's actually a ninja cat in the Mona Lisa picture NOT KIDDING.

I know!! it's my partner in crime ;D his name is puss in nikes.

Dr.Pepper is horrible! Yuckk-.-

as a matter of fact, there is four ninjas on this comment. can you find them??

I can believe that shook... wait WTF u freaken serious?

sighhh #132 I don't even want to start with you. we've been through this already with the Justin bieber kid.

WTF my question was about the Mona Lisa thing btw.....

lol well we all have different opinions:) i like sprite better:D

Ninjas wear lifeguard attire to hide the fact they're ninjas, FYI. 0.0

Yes I am a ninja, can't you tell? btw puss in nikes said hi ^.^

#136 yes there is a frickin ninja cat in the Mona Lisa picture

Do be on the look out... Btw it's cherry coke> dr. pepper> everything else

Sprite FTW...i think no one will agree with me >.>

#139 you can't be a ninja. you've shows us what you look like in your pic, and ninjas never reveal themselves.

dammit!!!! no wonder sharks don't eat the life guards!!! ok it all makes sense to me shook- u don't seem ninja material. gotta convince. WTF- oh ok where in the painting is it? that is if u know by memory

This entire comment conversation consists of, Dr. Pepper, Explosions in mouths, Justin Beiber kid who pisses 97% of us off, Ninjas, My puss in Nikes, Mona Lisa with my ninja cat, Stupid kid liking sprite, and now something random will occur... Good convo guys ^.^

Or have I? 0.0 Art of deception is a ninjas greatest weapon. I've spoken too much, forget everything you've read.

the only time I get sprite is if the place I'm eating at doesn't have cokè or dr. pepper

im NOT stupid i think you're stupi because you keep putting this ^.^ retarded face.

And I showed myself because this is me :) I look innocent...sorta XD But when I'm a ninja, I'm completely under cover...havn't you seen the movies???

#146 i am sorry but I cannot do that for you see, I. am a ninja.

lol wow someones been taking short notes

152 - Go play in traffic, you spelled stupid wrong.

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yea and in the movies the ninjas get they're asses kicked lol..... WTF- awww cmon!!!! man I hate the ninja code. dude- man just calm down we're all just having fun, well except WTF I think they're being serious

Fuuck you i missed a D wow!

#160 I actually can. tell you if I'm serious or not and for I'm. not serious.

WTF- I meant the taking notes comment to shook not u

161 - Do you really want me embarrass you? Just apologize and everything will be alright and you can drink your little sprite all the way to rainbow land ^.^ sound good?

oh. for I. am now an embarrassed ninja.

162- wanna rephrase that comment for me?

You called me stupid fisrt why should i apologize >.>

.....someone please give this boy a dictionary -_-

stupid anti-flood-.- Fiirst*

#166 I cannot actually tell you. if I am a real ninja for I'm. a ninja. wait a min...

u know shook I'm starting to have second thoughts about ur innocent looking pic there lol ur evil is starting to show

im a Girl and i made mistake-_-

#171 you mean her left eye? cause to me it's evil.

169 - That's why sprite is lame, it makes you lose brain cells and spelling becomes a weakness for you.

lol what happened WTF u get confused?

i know how to spell.


u mean the pics right eye? the dark one? if yes then yea I see what u mean

Im a no lifer and im bored so thats a NO:)

#175 about what? for I. don't get confused.

172 - You're making us girls look bad then. And I'm not evil! :(( I just hate when people try to be so cool by making a rude comment back to me when I was merely joking. Then they have grammatical errors that make 1st grade spelling look like college essays...-_- I grow tired of uneducated people..

i just made a mistake its not like you dont make one! Gosh.

#178 that's her left eye! in the pic it's on the right, but it's her left eye for I. am smart.

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I know!!! I was just clarifying that. but either way yes it does. Shook- im just kidding... and wait... u talking about me making rude comments to ur joking? or the sprite lover?

Stop talking about my eyes!! D: They're perfectly normal with a light brown color... And FML - Chill hon, I was messing around. I could care less about grammatical errors people make :) And this face ---> ^.^ is not stupid! it's cute.

Peace, I was referring to sprite lover.

Alright then... e.e i guess so.

WTF said the left one eye was evil becuz it seemed darker in the lighting....that was all...beside I wouldn't dare make fun of another brown eyed person I got brown eyes too but u wouldn't know that cuz there no pic of me...damn picture size limit!

Ha it's okay peace, I believe you :) I have another picture that actually shows the color of my eyes, light brown but yellow in the light :D I just find the picture a little...revealing and I don't want to give people the wrong message of me 0.0

now im spritelover O.o

damn wasn't done....oh and that face isn't better than the bunny eariler lol captains dog probably killed it now.

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i am so a ninja! (|:|)-|--< and i who say's that's a pic of me? could be a diguise. is it? i don't know. you tell me.

Awhh I hope not D: And I hope I qualify as one of your ninja partners ^.^ (.../) (-'.'-) (") (") ^^^^ still here :D Puss in Nikes found her <3

fyl- lol i think the name fits u well shook- well if I saw the pic I could probably tell rite away if it'd be critized cuz there's been times where a girl puts a pic up and few moments later she's critized for it

well i said i liked not loved it and its not like i drink it all the time >.<

Peace I have alot of respect for my body I guess :) which is good, right?

oh #198 you have passed qualification :)

lol shouldve had one ear missing due to a fight with the dog

WTF - Yayyy :)) okay we need to create the perfect handshake now!! Peace you're apart of our ninja trio ^.^

hey peace. ready for the assasons creed brotherhood?

man, how long have you guys been going at this? i wonder what would've happend i never brought it up

shook- yea that good especially when it comes to this site. in general it's always good to care about how u present urself to I do the best I can though whenever someone makes a bad comment I ignore it

Whoa whoa wait! I play assassin's creed and that game is sick! So I'm thinking "assassin's creed who are secretly ninjas trio" works fine as a name :D

well yeah but think about how more sick assassins creed brotherhood will be cause it's multiplayer

shook- cool but I prefer to keep distant plp might be watching WTF- heck can't wait for it.... it looks so good what caught my attention was that I can train others to become assassins as well

multiplaya baby!

I haven't finished ac2 fortunately, i've been playing Bad Company 2 is so awsome.

Sounds super tight! So I'm probably apart of that 10% of girls that can actually admit they're gamer girls, Because I am 100% a gamer girl!

well I gotta go for. ninjas have to sleep too. it's almost 6 in the morning

6 in the morning?? it's 2:51 where i am. and I need to go to sleep too o.o school starts in 5 hours... Night everyone ^.^ <3

#217 that's awesome you barely ever see girls that are gamers

Oh and peace, if you play COD at all, I cannot wait for Black Ops to come out!!

yes. 6. in. the. morning.

Bie ppl (no one cares anyway)

lol where u two live? I'm in California it's almost three but school doesn't start for me until sept. 13th gonna be a senior so glad

Peace - really?? i'm a junior :P I already started though D: I live in SoCal

#222 I SAW THE MULTIPLAYER TRAILER AND IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! they're having Nazi zombies in it and they're having this special that you get the maps from WaW in it!!

I know I saw the trailer!! The cameras look so sick! that way if I want to snipe or nuketube, I can see if anyone is behind me XD

what part? I'm in lake forest....yea I play but for ps3 lol my Id is my username here peacemaker9......on waw that all I play

well bye. NINJAS UNITE

Peace - mmm I play MW2, xbox and on live, so I don't really play the campaign part

dam always xbox lol.... k later I'll pm both of u later when I get the chance

^.^ nice talking to you guys

I've never tried Dr. Pepper. I'm ancient. :(

btw I live in michigan peace sorry I couldn't answer that a LOT earlier

A hundred bullshit comments

thats one expensive soda

awhh. suckishh.

oh I forgot to say your dog has a long nose too. just sayin.

what no refund? fake nigga shit

I agree with 7. if that was the case and they didn't refund you for a glitch in their system, there would be a LOT of angry,complaining park-goers. lol

Get your money back...