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Today, my French wife chose the name of our unborn baby girl. She wants to call her Fanny and won't change her mind. FML
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blackman100 20

Make sure her middle name is Pack.

For the sake of your child I hope you change her mind


I actually have a friend named fanny. Not that abnormal! Embrace it!

I would accept a friend named Fanny, but not everyone is nice enough to do so. In the case of a child, he should certainly be fighting against a name that could cause her so much trouble. Growing up is hard enough!

I can certainly see someone named Fanny being made fun of. Hell, when I was younger, my friend Jesús was often made fun of, and that's not even that uncommon.

caitiebug1119 15

Except in England, "fanny" means ******. I'm guessing OP is English, living in France.

8313girl 28

That's cute. I'd heard of fanny meaning butt but that could be just a southern USA thing

sarahbevan20 11

#91, it means butt everywhere in the US, if I'm not mistaken. I'm from Ohio and that's what it means here.

#91 I'm from New York and it means that here too

JMichael 25

I'm from Kansas and we use everything from fanny to badonkadonk

Even just my surname being Fanner, I got torment :/

The only thing I can think of is a fanny pack.

Rainhawk94 27

Fannie can be short for Stephanie

FezzesAreCool 18

'Fanny' is also a crude word for ****** in the UK, so that might not be a good idea

I had a girlfriend named fanny when I lived in France

Honestly, I don't think it matters as much as you'd think. Kids today will make fun of everyone, no matter their name. Heck, kids taunted me when I was young because my last name was Jones. They called me Bones in a way that would hurt my feelings. (Of course not anymore, but young kids can be quite sensitive)

I haven't heard many people use it here in Canada, but the times I've heard it in movies and stuff, it's always been a butt, yeah.

For the sake of your child I hope you change her mind

Das_is_gud 11

Fanny isn't really that bad, it could be worse.

With how terrible the youngest generation is they could easily bully her with tranny since they seem to know a lot more than we did when we were their age

Fanny means butt in America, and means ****** in the UK. Sooo...

Take a look at the location guys. Clearly OP is living in France, and although I don't know that much about common names in France, clearly it doesn't mean butt or ****** in France.

59- That's true, but many people in France speak English, especially among the younger generation, so she could still be made fun of. Plus it's very likely that she'll interact with English speakers in France and other countries in her lifetime.

jazzy_123 20

could be worse... my teacher had a student who's name was female. She told everyone it was.pronounced fuh-ma-lee. Haha. Turns out her mom had immigrated here and when she gave birth to her she saw the birth certificate said "female" and her.last name, and she assumed the hospital named her baby for her and left it like that.

Considering all the terrible names parents have give their kids (Placenta, ********, etc) this one doesn't rank all that high. Could be way worse.

cryssycakesx3 22

the "female" story is so overused. I've seen it everywhere, especially if there's an FML pertaining a name.

Banannikka 1

Yeah, it's actually a really common name in France. I spent a year there as an exchange student and met a couple girls with that name. Clearly no one would actually name their kid that if they thought it meant ****** or ugly waist bag.

La-a (Ladasha), Lemonjello, Orangejello as well. People have got to realize that we have all heard the same fake name stories

SuperMew 22

The only horrible naming story I have is my friend is Ocean, her sister is Terra, and her brother is Sky. That is about as creative as I know people do with names. However I do know an Alan Hull, who most people call A. Hull.

jazzy_123 20

156, no one cares! stop ruining my story. Did it ever occur to you that I didn't know it was an old joke and I was being completely sincere? Geez! >,

skyttlz 32

I have a friend named Skylar Blue. Her sister was almost named Ruby Red and her brother Hunter Green.

I have some guy friends who are called 'Paradise' and 'Greenfield' :) Very unique names!

My name is very different, she may like it. It is French. Fanny is short for Francesca I think, so maybe call her Franny instead...

cryssycakesx3 22

I think Franny is short for Francesca.

Could be worse. American uncle living in France with an Italian girlfriend. His son's name? "Diggle".

blackman100 20

Make sure her middle name is Pack.

Eliseopwns 22

I bet that snake cost ya an arm and a leg.

I immediately thought of scary movie 2 when i read this FML. Remember the creepy host at the haunted mansion with the nasty hand? He was like "Make room for fanny!!" lmfao

You mean f*** my life! YOU CAN'T SAY ****!

Don't you know I would never say the word ****? I would never ******* ever ******* say that

euphoricness 28

Why are you so ******* excessive with the cussing

I thought some might catch the anchorman reference. I was wrong

And in the rest of the English speaking world it would be a pain in the ******.

What does her being French have to do with anything? Not quite sure I get it. Anyway, naming your child should be something you both do together. So keep trying to talk it out with her!

Fanny is a quite common name in France, and most of French people do not have a single idea of what it could mean in English

I'm pretty sure it's spelled Fannie, also. I have quite a few friends who are named that as I live in Quebec.

The "y" and "ie" are interchangeable depending on preference. Pronunciation of same names can vary too, regardless of spelling.

As an example of name that can be spelled the same but sound different is my name, Kevin. When talking to me, some people pronounce it "Kevin" and others pronounce it "Dumbass."

Well, as a French woman, the author's wife wouldn't know that "fanny" means "******" in the British colloquialism.

Correct me if I'm wrong but... Doesn't fanny mean pussy? What sane mother would want to stick her child with such an easy name to make fun of? I think it's time to have a long talk with the wifey.

it means pussy in the uk and ass in America

Well the foreign friends I have, a few Aussies and a few Brits all refer to the ****** as a fanny. Seeing as this guys in France I figured it would carry that meaning.

In the US it's slang for ass. In France it's slang for pussy. Edit: wow you guys type fast!

Not only in France, but in Quebec as well, Fanny is a first name for a girl. it doesn't mean anything crude. it could just be a name the mother had her eye on for a long time and doesn't want to change her mind.

In Britain it used to be a name in Victorian times.

Well... maybe people will think it's endearing...? Yeah no, that sucks I'm sorry

cutiepie99 17

Maybe you should talk to your wife and just explain why you don't like the name and how others might judge the name explain you are just trying to lookout for your daughter because kids now a days might bully her it's a sad thing but that's how the world can be now a days If not embrace it she's not the only one and maybe nickname her ann or something so others will call her the same good luck! But if all else fails it's just a name love your daughter for who she is! :)

WhisperSoflty 20

Your comment is very sweet and well meaning, but holy run on sentence, batman! Maybe next time, take a little more time to add sentence breaks. It'll make your other sweet and well meaning comments easier to read. :)

WhisperSoflty 20

Fanny is just a little old fashioned, but nothing bad. At least she's not demanding Abdce or So'Unique or one of the hundred misspellings of perfectly normal names (ie Mykaylah instead of Makayla or Brytny instead of Brittany).

A friend of mine gave birth last night and named her Jorjah.. It took me a min to figure out that its just a weird version of Georgia lol.

Yeah, well, the CSI actor Jorja Fox beat her to it. My great-grandmother (my mom's maternal grandmother) was named Fanny. But then she was born toward the end of the 19th century when she would be bullied for being Jewish more than for her name.

emirie 21

I thought Makaylah would be instead of Michaela. Is Makayla actually a common thing?

ArielTheMermaid 17

141- Abcde is pronounced "Ab-sih-dee"