By futuremum - United Kingdom - Bristol
Today, I had to yet again tell my mother-in-law that I wasn't going to name my unborn baby "Ermintrude" after her late mother. My husband told me to stop being difficult, and that he agrees that it would be nice. FML
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  X_Codes  |  11

Sounds like something you'd hear at a spelling bee.

"The word is Ermintrude."
"Uh... what's the root?"
"Do I look like I know?"

  aaahhhfire21  |  0

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  Annpop  |  1

Omgg :O i wud die.. Maybe u shud tell ur mother in law and hub that ur the one suffering and the one to give birth... The least u shud be able to do is give the poor thing a nice name :P

  Cad6  |  24

#53 - First of all, learn to spell Ermintrude. Second, learn to spell Fuck. And to respond to your question, Ermintrude is a nice name. I don't see anything wrong with it, other than the fact that people can make fun of the name by saying vermintrude.

  trueblue170  |  13

It's such a shame - I've always liked the name 'Bella', and WAS thinking of it being a name for a future child before Twishite came out. Now that's all people associate it with. :(

  emilyjgraham  |  34

63, they spelt fuck like that so it wasn't the full swear word. also, yes, some people may (somehow) find Ermintrude a nice name but op clearly doesn't so she shouldn't feel obliged to call her child that! The child will get bullied, some names are meant to stay buried! I hope she names it something decent!

  curryandchips  |  1

Calling your daughter Ermintrude is tantamount to child abuse! However if you've ever heard the song by the late Johnny Cash called 'a Man called Sue' it ***might*** be the making of her but I doubt it.

  rosesofash860  |  8

By the looks of the thumbs I think not. Plus, people either hate twilight like me. YEAH I SAID IT TWILIGHT SUX! Or, they realize every time some actress or singer gets über popular everyone goes and names their daughter that thinking that they're being "creative/original". ( examples: Britney, Ashely, & Emma)


197--my name *is* Bella. And I hate Twilight more than I hate the anti-abortion psychos who wave around photos of dead fetuses in my face when I'm trying to walk to class. It sucks. Ass.

  K_kanaka  |  26

So am I the only that looked up the meaning of the name? Yes okay here some info on it.

Variant form: Trudy
Origin: German, also known to be used in French
Possible Meanings: 1) All loved
2) Universal strength

Now people stop criticizing a name especially if you don't know the meaning behind it. Just cause it sounds stupid at first doesn't mean it is a stupid name. There is always a strong meaning behind names so never criticize them. Now I'm not saying for OP to give the kid the name because that's her choice but it would be nice to consider that her mother-in-law is asking her to name the child after her late mother which means it's a really special request.

  SaturnV  |  25

177 - you have a valid point. However, judging by the wording of the FML, it seems like the mother-in-law has crossed the line from making a "special request" to being overbearing, pushy, and disrespectful. She wasn't wrong to request once (especially if the name has some family significance), but should have dropped the matter after being told no.

  KaylieeJay  |  4

While it may have a nice meaning and be important for the mother in law, I would say pretty much 100% of people would never know the meaning behind it and all they see is what is quite honestly a pretty bad name for a kid these days.

  rattusrattus  |  18

It's the name of the cow from the Magic Roundabout. Nothing against The Magic Roundabout, but you should go for something badass like Æthelflæd. Y'know, Lady of the Mercians, formidible military and political leader of Mercia in the 10th Century...

  lovelar  |  4

That would have been my suggestion too !! Trudie is more "now" but scores brownie points for calling child "sort of" after the late grannie

  HairyPunisher  |  27

I disagree. I think men involved in their pregnant wife/girlfriend/fiancee's (etc.) life should have a right to helping with the name. It's not like she has a baby daddy who's not around.

But I wholeheartedly agree the name OP's monster-in-law wants is repulsive.

  Nursewilly  |  0

#14: Someone held a gun to your head on that one? Cause that's pretty much the only way I could see that name getting by. Family should have input, not be the deciding factor in choosing a name. If you named your kid that, against your will, because family said so, you have no spine and deserved what you got.

  br0ccoli  |  14

What...the fuck? Sascajawinimon? It's gonna be hard getting restaurant reservations.

"table for four? Sure! name?"
"s-a-c....*15 min later...o..."