By Kayla_BlowPop - 03/01/2014 08:34 - Canada - Amherst

Today, my water pipes froze and burst and I now have to take snow from my back yard and boil it down into water in order to flush my toilet. FML
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Hey, I'm the OP. My pipes burst at about 2:00 AM so I couldn't take water from neighbours or call a friend. We figured out they froze at like five PM and we were all trying to unfreeze them. At that point it was just the hot water that didn't work. It actually happened to us once already, and we fixed it so we didn't think it was a big deal until they burst. We called the plumber the next day and we had water by the time I woke up. It was just my little sister and I who were melting the snow, because we were the only ones who had to pee. We made a really big mess and my sister kept flushing the toilet before we actually had enough water, making us have to start all over again. It was a horrible experience and my older brother refused to help. But now, it's just a really funny story to tell.

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It could be worse, you could have to boil down yellow snow to take a shower.

For the sake of one pee, I would've just peed in to something and tipped it outside somewhere (in to soil, grass or something down the back of the garden). But then I've been on plenty of far from luxury hikes and camping trips.. It's not pleasant but needs must! Glad you got it all sorted.


It could be worse, you could have to boil down yellow snow to take a shower.

Just as long as she watches where the huskies go and doesn't eat the yellow snow.

It could be worse could be dying of starvation, poverty stricken, or a victim of natural disasters which wipe out tens of thousands. Apologies in advance if my answer is too real for anyone.

Why was my comment deleted? Bunch of Nazis...

Damn, I would get that fixed soon as possible op.

That's a smart idea. This would have been even more of an FML if you didn't think to melt the snow.

There are lots of solutions available. A bucket with a lid can also come in quite handy during times like this.

I'm thinking if you're from a place that gets extremely cold this is common knowledge. I for one am blissful in my ignorance of cold weather living.

The exact same thing happened to us this morning, but it was because our furnace died, so it's also freezing in our house. We just borrowed water from our neighbours, but that really is a good idea to melt some snow!

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That's nothing. I live in San Diego and I had to wear long pants and a sweater because it got as low as 50 degrees last night. Damn it was cold.

#20 is right. How to handle "cold weather living" when pipes freeze, hydro goes out, when heat runs out, etc. is common knowledge here in Canada.

I live in a southwestern state and we know how to prevent pipes from freezing so this isn't an issue. Getting the toilet to flush will be the least of OP's concerns if the burst pipes aren't fixed before they thaw. *A pass is given to the person whose heat went out. Not much you can do there.

fyl op! it must be really terrible..i hope u get it fixed soon why not crash at a friends place for a day or two?

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intimate? do you mean intense?

No, when this was first published it said the category was intimate. After I posted this it changed and I ran out of time to change the comment

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And I keep complaining about Chicago weather.. you win.

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Yep! I'm from Chicago too! Don't worry, it's supposed to be a high of -12 on Monday. We may get that kind of weather op is having. Shit.

Lol where I'm from in Canada its -35 with the wind chill. I wish it was just -12 :(

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I'm going to the beach today! That Los Angeles weather is rough. :)

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Currently 43 degrees here in parts of Australia. I cook myself just opening the curtains.....

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I'd take -12 on Monday over the -40 we are suppose to get

I was so confused reading these comments and then I realized they're in celsius

That's really unfortunate.. At least you were smart enough to think of using snow though!

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sounds like my days in Alaska