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Today, my husband and I agreed that he would name our first born and I would name our second. He's dead-set on naming our child "Raindropp" no matter whether it's a boy or girl. FML
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I'd name one salt and the other pepper. ^_^

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Sorry he rained on your parade


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I have a cousin called Indigo and another called Cassius. They're from both parents naming them...

I'm definitely naming my kids Red, Blue, and Green.

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I have already lost all hope for future generations so this doesn't surprise me at all. I think that is what is really the sad thing. Idiocy here we come.

I never said celebrities doing it was cool either.

Not sure which is worse, calling a child "Raindrop" or misspelling it.

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19 - My uncle was named "Jay" by my grandma and grandpa. But we call him J for short.

21: I actually kinda like those names! Nice work. 25: The world is not going to hell in a handbasket. The next generation is not any stupider than the last one. The sky is not falling. Take a deep breath.

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I have a cousin named Indrani, another named Electra Storm, and another named Gunner Wolfgang. I know all about crazy names. ;)

Thats not always true though. Yes the wife and I created our two together, but we both agreed that if it was a girl, she would name them, if it was a boy, I would name them. Some couples do that. Of course I never named them anything weird sounding though

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My husband always threatens to name our future son (if we have one) Optimus Prime. In comparison, "Raindropp" wouldn't be a bad alternative.

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89-you could call him OP for short!!

My name is dave. Everyone knows a dave.

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I wanted to name our son Remy, after gambit. Or Ryder. Or even Robbie. My boyfriend picked Aiden...of all the names in the world. It's not too late tho!!! There's time to change it up until the birth certificate is signed. Don't give in!

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What's wrong with the name Aiden?

My friend decided Optimus prime as his boys name too.

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If your life revolves around FML maybe

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Your profile picture speaks for me....

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I have cousins who's names are cinnamon and ocean. I also have a second cousin, and I am not ******** you, her name is moon unit.

84 Those sound like nicknames.. Electra Storm?

I think they wanna spell it that way

raraisbang 12

157, they aren't nicknames. My aunt actually put that on their birth certificates. She is a very strange woman.

Oh shit, that's messed up haha. "Hello my name is Electra Storm, how are you?" I'd be pissed

170: Not if you had lightning powers to go with it.

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150: Lol never thought i would hear the name moon unit for a person

75 - It's not spelled wrong, it's just pronounced Raindrop-pee. Gotta be different ya know.

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Electra storm sounds like a **** stars name

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7- I love the name Indigo for a boy!

And now I picture A girl with the name Raindropp dancing in those sundrop commercials. Your child has a bright future in the soda industry ahead of him/her

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People will just call him Ray.

Why do people want their child to suffer such a horrible name?

193: Schoolyard nicknames for a kid called "Raindrop-Pee": Pee Drop Droop Drip The Drizzler Angel Piss Piss Pants Pee Pants Terry the Incontinent Dribbles Anybody else? Step right up and take a crack at a rude name for the OP's future child!

I want to name my first son Maxamillion or max for short

I don't see what's so terrible with both parents choosing the name together. My ex and I named our daughter Jaida-Lee together. I personally like it, but I'm biased. And it means neither of us have to look at her and think 'why the **** did I let him/her name her?

i dont see why people are downvoting 1's comment, i personally think that both should name it or at least agree on a name.

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My cousins name is rainbow.. The other is tiger.. Yeah.

... My name is Talon! I love it though :)

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20-there's nothing wrong with Aiden. It's number 7 on 2012 most popular kids names. So my son will have approx 6 other Aidens in his kindergarten class.

Moon unit is dweezil zappas daughters name. That's not original.

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#75, it wasn't misspelled, there was just an extra letter added. There's a difference between misspelling a word and just adding an extra letter (the same letter the word ended with) to the end

293: Sure, it's a deliberate misspelling to make the name more unique. Mostly though it's just a way to ensure that the kid will someday spend a lot of his or her time on the phone with banks, governments, and utility companies trying to sort out the misspellings on his account. PSA: Don't make your kid's life a hassle; give them an easy-to-spell name.

#265 is a good example: his name is Talon, which is kind of unique, but it's spelled exactly how you'd expect it to be spelled. "Talonn" would have been much worse name. Incidentally, I have absolutely no idea wtf #265's profile blurb means...

228- please learn to spell Maximilian before you name your child.

284,Dweezel & Moon Unit are brother and sister

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This generation of kids are stupid. Kids go around spelling words incorrectly and use grammar totally wrong, then when someone corrects them because even though he/she may have had a point he/she now appears to be uneducated and stupid the that person is a grammar nazi..

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Haha I know someone named Ocean too. But he spells it "Occean"

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I have a friend named Rain. It isn't weird. You could call him that for short. :) it actually is a cute name.

89- my boyfriend says the same thing lol

At least Moon Unit is a nod to Frank Zappa...

308- he can spell it however he wants to. hop off.

I'd name one salt and the other pepper. ^_^

Only if they're twins then it's perfect

And only if ones blonde and ones brunette.

"Salt 'n' Pepa" would be a better name. Then when the OP is in the delivery room, the husband can coach her by saying: "Ah, push it - now p-push it real good"

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And then when they have a child they have to call it Paprika like the Blues Clues family

I would name the other one umbrella then!

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Well for one, you have a lovely name OP ;) Totally irrelevant I know, cheers anyways

106- the children would have kids with each other?

And I'll name my children Sugar and Spice, because they make everything nice...

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Inheritance 10

Oops sorry 106 just noticed your comment..

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Sorry he rained on your parade

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^ no need to live up to your username

Even though raindropp does seem pretty dumb, it might fit their last name. Lets give him the Benefit of the doubt

you should check out my profile first, js..

Js?? Really?? That lazy we can't just type jackass??

I hate to state the obvious 125, but I think MIzzKilljoy69 was going more along the lines of "just saying" and not "jackass".

Alright 125 I'm not going to ruin your little rant thing you had going there but "js" means "just saying"

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113--and what last name could possibly justify "Raindropp"? Even with celebrities, names like "Pilot Inspektor" are just so, so wrong...

Maybe she could stand under Rihannia

Trix_Disorder 20

This is a terrible pun, no good at all. -- Hey Killjoy, it's spelled Chemical.

Ahahaa... Funny man. Gay username though.

KuchkaNumberOne 2

Hey, Killjoy. No one gives a ****. Js.

Trix_Disorder 20

Oh good, she actually fixed it.

Javee 17

So I'm thinking that you're not exactly on Cloud 9? Ba dum tsss (Sorry you had to read that).

Don't rain down on his parade, very creative name, he's a keeper.

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The only reason you'd think thats normal is because your name is probably "cloudd"

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57- Comments 3 and 4 were posted at the same time, so it's not really 4's fault. At least she used correct spelling in her comment. ;)

It's okay 4, I thumbed up your comment. It's not fair that someone with almost the exact same comment got 100+ likes just because they posted a few seconds before you

Yeah bud imagine having to go through life with that name in today's generation

People can't name their kids for shit nowadays. I pray that he'll see the light and at the very least put Raindropp- which isn't even SPELLED correctly- in the middle, where it becomes a private, embarrassing story and not your child's daily torment.

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Maybe they spelled it like that on purpose. My son's name is spelled kaleb and not Caleb and there is nothing wrong with that.

There is a big difference between using an alternate spelling of an accepted name like Caleb, and something that is simply a word like Raindrop. It makes the namer look like they are unable to spell, and therefore not very intelligent. That being said, alternate spellings are annoying as well. I should know, as my parents saw fit to give me an alternate spelling of a name that was popular around the time I was born. No one spells it right on the first try, and very few remember the correct spelling without several reminders. The worst, though, is when I spell my name out for people letter-for-letter and they insist that THEIR spelling is correct. What the ****- I know how to spell my own name!

What's sad is my name is spelled correctly and every time a stranger has to write it they use a weird variation of it. It's a really common name as well.

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I have people messing up the spelling of my very common name as well. The difference is, I don't have an alternative way of spelling it. I also don't complain about it. I would however complain if it was "Raindropp".

I don't get why it's such a big deal. Every name originates from a different language and is a word as well. Names as simple as mine (Jessica) mean something in other languages- in Hebrew its original spelling means foresight, so everyone is named after a simple word, just in a different language. Asians name their children after words in their own language so why can't we?

My daughter is going to have the same problem, 53. Her mother named her Zylla (pronounced with a long I sound), and most people mispronounce it on the first try, and look at me like I'm an idiot when I correct them. I fought the name; in fact, we had a different name picked out, but I didn't make it to the hospital in time, and she signed the birth certificate before I could get there.

I have that problem. Mine is Cheyanne, but everyone, even family (I was adopted 7years ago with my original name) doesn't spell it correctly sometimes.

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Reminds me of this girl that desperately needed to separate herself from other sane mothers (and in the process, embarrass her child) by naming her daughter Nevaehika. Heaven spelled backwards. Plus "ika."

Lol I've heard of Ermintrude. At least with that the kid could be called Trudie.

Colonel_Lexi 18

6-A woman named her child Number 16 Bus Station because that's where she concieved her kid. Tacky right?

syley 5

Am I the only one who thinks that name would be perfectly fine? For a girl not a boy.

lenamartinovic 13

...and creepy. I'd ask social services to legally change my name.

My neice is named Nevaeh and I wouldn't say my Uncle was insane.

Epsilonyx 15

There's nothing wrong with Nevaeh. Nevaehika?...

unknown_user5566 26

169- I'm assuming she didn't realize Ginny is also a character in Harry Potter?

That heaven spelled backwards name is so overdone and people think they're being creative. Gag.

RocketNinjaFish 12

47- are you referring to raindropp? that name would be cute for a little girl, maybe even a teenager, but it would just be weird when she got older.

MichellinMan 20

but she didn't know he'd name him/her that, dumb ass.

One would hope she had some idea WHO she was agreeing with -- she married him, after all!

AngelicTide 11

Is he a Storm (marvel) fan?

DontClickOnMe 28

More like **** the kid's life if that's really gonna be their name.

MichellinMan 20

I'd hope not. your damn picture scared the shit out of me.

I clicked on it the other day... I am yet to regret it. :P

Hiimhaileypotter 52

They're going to be made fun of a lot :/