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Today, my wife wants to name our first child Siri, after the iPhone function. FML
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Well I hope your first child is smart, because people are going to be asking him/her a shit load of questions

Amazing. Your child will be talking since the birth.


Amazing. Your child will be talking since the birth.

Greek, Iris is the personification of the rainbow in Greek mythology!

Who needs Language Arts when you have your fellow FMLers?

Who needs language art when you have Percy Jackson?

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Yeah like that one baby girl who's name is hashtag... People these days

103- if I ever randomly heard that name I would think she was middle eastern.

Iris is the messenger goddess in Greek mythology. pretty good naming idea to be honest...for Apple, not a child!

Actually, Siri is also an Indian name which means wealth. It's a pretty cool name back here.

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Snow wolf, iris would be a awesome name for a girl! It would mean she's intelligent and witty, and communicates with new people in message form.

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Hey, OP, it could be worse. I recently read about someone who named their baby girl "Hashtag".

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Or you know, some people are just stupid and name their kids "K-Uh" and it's supposed to be pronounced as Ka-Dash-Uh. True story. I wish I was making this atrocity up.

The good thing it can tell you where the closest fast food restaurant is from your home!

Well I hope your first child is smart, because people are going to be asking him/her a shit load of questions

Yeah stupid ones too. What can I help you with? Siri I want to hide a body. What kind of place are you looking for? Dumps, swamps, mortuaries, mines, funeral services, cremation services.

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Terms and services, second page of google, bing.


71, I accidentally thumbed down what may have been the seventh funniest comment I've ever read on this site. Have two bonus thumbs-ups.

I can only find businesses for you in the United States and when you are using English. That's what Siri says to me when I ask it something.

Siri, how do I get rid of dumb-as-a-doorknob parents?

Siri actually translates to Goddess of Wealth and God's gift of love in South Indian language Telugu. And means smile in another South Indian language Tamil.

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Hopefully this one will function a lot better than Apple's...

Sue... that would be a better name than Siri... or would it? Oh, who to ask!!

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My name is Siri. I have always been told it is a really pretty name, however i get a tad irritated when people try to throw the app siri into a conversation, and TRUST that happens alot. I like my name, its unique and not many Siri's by far. I think its pretty, but thts just my opinion.

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Answer to every question: "would you like me to search the web for...?"

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He doesn't actually get a say. All he can do is try to change her mind.

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Nova, you kinda sounded like a dick by the way you worded it but OP definitely has a say if he doesn't like the name.

Yes. Each parent has veto power when it comes to naming the child.

I'm pretty sure the father can say no. My dad did when it came to naming me. At least Siri can pass for a name, some parents tried to call their kid Hashtag the other day.

56 They should have saved that name for the family cat.

I don't know about being google, but they'll probably offer to search google if you say anything to them that isn't a recognised command. You'll get kind of sick of it, actually.

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uhhh... try suggesting some other names o.o

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Who was born first the IPhone Siri or your friend

Obviously the iPhone Siri, because 37 is 15 and obviously hangs out with

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My old teacher had a daughter named Serrie which was pronounced like Siri. The daughters full name was Serrius Lee.

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Just make sure she never goes to Japan and you'll be alright! It means ass out there

Siri.... Siri.... It kind of has a nice ring to it.

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Yes, that two tone ring which always plays when activated is orgasmic to the ear.

For cats, I don't know if the name fits people...

Siri isn't a bad name, it's just the fact that it also happens to be an iPhone function. It would've bee worse if she'd wanted to name your first child iPhone or like Apple.

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Someone did name their kid Apple

miss paltrow and cold play front man did

There's a family that named their kid Hashtag. How bad does Siri sound now

I want to name my kid Apple. But not after the company, the actual fruit.

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Bear Grylls named his sons Steve, marmaduke, and huckleberry. His name is actually Edward but his mother's name is Lady. Weird names run in the family.

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But bear grylls can do that because he's the second coolest guy in the world