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  Azail  |  15

57 the whole point of the FML is that the OP has only been with this girl three days...OP keep your doors locked and run like hell. Also 141 maybe this is the same girl lol.

  desireev  |  17

I hate when people say 'Dump that Bitch!' and stuff like that... But, in this case, you seriously need to run as fast as you can, OP!
This is some scary stuff! RUN!!

  xsilentxninjax  |  10

Maybe you could make their initials F. M. L., depending on what Op's last name is, of course. Or give them two middle names, in order to make it work. I think that I'm over-thinking this haha.

  stevenJB  |  25

It was a three days grace. But now she is "lost in you". I'm sure that was a "pain" to hear, now your thinking of a relationship "break"...sry couldn't help it


Cause otherwise she would somehow steal his semen, make herself pregnant, trying to hide for the last 7 months and then anonymously giving birth and naming the children without asking him.
Yeah, at least she asked.