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Today, I woke up to every window in my house packed with snow. It was so bad that I thought I'd been snowed-in, and I started freaking out. It took two hours and multiple phone calls before I found out that my neighbor had taken our prank war too seriously and staged the whole thing. FML
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And it never occurred to you to try the doors?

CaiDog 20

It never occured to you to step outside...?


And it never occurred to you to try the doors?

No because that would just make too much sense

JMichael 25

That my dear would have been way to simple.

I would have turned the television on. At least one station would probably have footage/coverage of the snow situation and if I see the news is only showing an inch or so, I'd realize something is up.

rg350dx 29

If the doors open inwards that is a terrible idea. OP's neighbor is a brilliant prank artist and a neighbor I would love to have.

I wonder how his neighbour managed to sabotage the upstairs windows.

I wonder what made you think that OP has a second story.

Wouldn't the snow fall in?

CaiDog 20

It never occured to you to step outside...?

friedpwnadge 25

And get op's house full of ice and snow? No thank you.

TallMist 32

That is only if they open inwards. Most doors, from what I've seen, open outwards. If the door opened outwards, and OP was really snowed in, the door wouldn't open at all.

guci101 14

You should have tried opening the door.

Try thinking next time

OP did think. Just not outside the box, er, the house.

Thinking is too hard.

ashalayx 13

stupid at its finest

Damn prank wars... But i guess with this one you should have been more open minded with your surroundings

owenster 12

At least now you have S-NO-W worries.

That was thaw-full.

Das_is_gud 11

Icy what you did there.

notsofriendly 17

Cold as ice.

You're gonna have to think up something epic to do to your neighbour that's gonna beat that!

toxic_walrus 15

Omfg that's brilliant