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Today, I told my family that I wanted to change my last name to my future wife's. We want to have the same last name, and we chose hers because she is an only child, while I have three brothers. Half of my family is laughing and calling me "pussy whipped" while the other half won't speak to me. FML
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Don't listen to them, that is an amazing thing to do and maybe even the perfect way to start a wonderful new life :) congratulations.

It doesn't make you whipped. That's the cutest thing ever.


Don't listen to them, that is an amazing thing to do and maybe even the perfect way to start a wonderful new life :) congratulations.

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I agree with OP. There's nothing wrong with that under the circumstances.

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I think you're extremely considerate for doing that! You're a great person, and obviously your brothers don't know what it's like to love a significant other very much like you do!

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That is cute! My husband never did that for there no boys in the family but he's letting our kids have my last name too. You're a good guy OP

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I keep hoping mine will decide the same :/ I love my family name and would hate for it to die.

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73- How is the marriage going to fail? If anything it's going to last because the husband proves he is loyal to her by taking her last name. Most men are to egotistical to do that. Congrats OP, I hope you have a long and happy marriage. :)

It's so nice of u, but unheard of, that's a great love life ur gonna have

No problem for you, man. You are getting married and starting your own family, whose priorities will now be the most important of your life.

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#73 Because everyone knows that compromise and respect are poison to a relationship.

Ya and from now on she'll be the one to wear the pants in that family. Just cause he took her last name don't mean that they'll have a son.

It doesn't make you whipped. That's the cutest thing ever.

I second this. OP officially has man status.

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I third this. It takes a real man to be able to do this. I have respect for OP.

56-This site is not the place for 10 year olds.

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lol don't worry OP, your brothers are just jealous that no one will mistake your wife for ther fat asses. That's really sweet of you , congrats on the Fiancee..

Who really cares?! You're getting pussy, and maybe you enjoy getting whipped... where's the problem?

So then leave. No body making you stay.

277 - OP shouldn't leave because other people don't like it.

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I'm going to assume that you have never been in a relationship ever, have you?

He is 62... Old fashioned way of thinking I supposed. I think OP is very open minded and considerate of his fiancé's family!!

In Sweden for example, the most common thing to do is change to the name which is the most uncommon one no matter if it's the man's or woman's name

33 - I would agree with pretentious, but not effeminate. Grandcourt seems like a very manly name to me

That must be a local custom then. I know of one (1) couple taking the least common name. Even though keeping your maiden name is becoming more common, most people take the husband's surname. Also, greetings from the capital!

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I'm sure you meant this offensively but I just laughed my ass off reading this! I personally think it's cute that he wants to take his wife's name, but still that was hilarious!

I think it's lovely that you're prepared to do that for your future wife. Your family will accept your choices with time, and if they don't, well then I'm sorry you don't have a great family :/ good luck with your marriage though! :)

Considering your current family one is kinda being immature and rude assholes**

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Same here. My step-brother never got married so he has no-one to pass the family name onto, so when I got married I decided to keep my maiden name so that I can continue the family line. There's nothing wrong with a with a woman keeping her maiden name, just like there's nothing wrong with a man taking his wife's name. Whoever came up with these silly gender rules in the beginning probably got mocked for their ideas, and now that these "rules" are considered the norm, people who deviate from them are now mocked for straying from them.

I believe the tradition is based on the old belief that a woman essentially was her fathers property until she married. Then she was her husbands property hence name change. Or something like that. I personally like the idea of taking both names.

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Just because it's "PROGRESSIVE" doesn't mean it's good. :)

Have you ever looked up the definition of 'progressive'? I think you should.

It's not the social norm. You had to know that you'd get ripped on for that.

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Blow it out whole? That sounds painful. ;p

Why does everything have to be in the social norm? If humans throughout history always stuck to the social norm we wouldn't have many important historical moments that have effected us up to present day. And I could be wrong, but what I basically took away from your comment is that diversity is bad. Really?

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Why does this comment have so many down votes? Is a person not allowed to think this way anymore?

You can think it, sure. Doesn't mean you're anything but a complete idiot, though.

For him having his own views he is a complete idiot? And people wonder why world peace will never happen?


Yeah, I'm sure you guys would be 100% behind him if he added: "... and service her man all day, cook and clean, and assume every other gender role from the 1950s." Yeah, I can see you being behind that, and anyone criticizing him should "grow up" too. Okay then, gents.

Now you're just assuming things and putting words in others' mouths. Please.

Holy crap people hate me! I'll just keep my widely universally accepted views to myself next time I guess...............

55, I've learned that on this site if your opinions aren't super super liberal/feminist/politically correct, then everyone will hate you.

Haha as told by your constant being thumbed down on this comment thread.

Actually 57, the ideas you're referring to are simply ideas against close-minded, sexist, narrow and old-fashioned ideas.

83, as if everyone takes the last names of their wives nowadays, and the time of patriarchal marriage nomenclature has long drawn to an end, and anyone who still believes in it is some crazy old fashioned sexist behind the times... Would you call a newlywed couple that did it the traditional way sexist and old fashioned? If so, then you have quite a lot of angry letters to get started on writing.

And he didn't even say it was wrong, he called it creative. He still wouldn't be sexist if he said "I prefer my wife to clean and cook, but it would be creative for a husband to cook the meals for a household."

I took my husbands last name, and I clean, cook, and generally just take care of him, because I love him, is that so wrong?

#129, it's fine if YOU personally want to do that, but I think it's wrong to say that women SHOULD do it, like the first guy did.

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He didn't say that! You assumed. And I'm sure you know what assuming does...

Thank you 168. He most definitely didn't say that.

168 & 170 - Are you BLIND? The first guy did say it. Here, let me quote it for you since your eyes are malfunctioning: "I think the woman SHOULD take the man's last name." I capitalized the "should" for you, since you apparently forgot to bring your glasses with you today.

See, 152 knows what's up. He disagrees, but he's polite about it. Shrike, take notes.

Eep- I all but forgot that last part by the time we got this far in the thread. Sorry! :X Although he still isn't against the man taking on the new name, just prefers it the other way. *Steps back into the shadows*

201... Exactly. Just personal opinion, people.

No, it's just that, no matter what your views are, you shouldn't use them to put others down. For instance, saying he has no balls is unkind. Acceptance. If your view is offensive, try to keep it to yourself.

221- you're saying my first comment was offensive ? I don't think anyone is being put down by it.

Sure, everyone is allowed to have and state their own opinions, since it's democratic and all. But I think the small ammount of support comment #10 gets would be even weaker for a racist comment. What if someone would have said "I think, in inter-racial marriages the least aryan person should take the other persons last name". I think that the reactions wouldn't have been "everyone is allowed their own opinion" but rather "I know everyone is allowed their own opinion, but that is just extremely narrow minded...". To be honest, as a woman and from a technical view, I don't see which comment is more narrow minded. Just to maybe make sense in why people thumb #10 down.

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He decided to do this. How is he whipped? It's not called whipped, it's called respecting your loved one.

That's a wonderful solution, ignore what everyone else thinks. She should be so happy she found such a nice caring wonderful future husband such as yourself!