By Dummas - 15/01/2017 12:00

Today, I sent out an email asking people to contact me if they were not on our group's email list yet so that I could add them. I sent it out to the group list. They were quite amused. FML
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Always pays to double check who the recipient is

<p>Not your greatest achievement!!</p>


<p>This is why I have two accounts. One for everyday use and one for sexy fun times.&nbsp;</p>

I don't think you've understood what's going on here....

Always pays to double check who the recipient is

<---- Look at my face.

<p>Not your greatest achievement!!</p>

I believe this is called mommy brain and these mistake are alway funny. Don't feel bad about it. it will be something you will laugh about soon.

I think it's only called Mommy Brain if you are, in fact, a mommy, which there is no indication of in the FML...