By Fucked - 16/01/2009 19:38 - United States

Today, my dog found my marijuana pipe and the bag it was in and brought it to my parents. FML
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DUH! jeesh. people don't know how to sneak around these days. but good job. i think its a wonderful fail. congratulations =]

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You have the greatest dog ever. I'm sorry, that's hilarious.

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Haha #9. That might be animal abuse though haha. Woooowww sucks to be you.

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noone that owns a "marijuana pipe" actually calls it a "marijuana pipe"

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I do. And that's what everyone calls it. Quit assuming you know EVERYBODY and what they say!

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I call mine ragnarock but whatever

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I named mine Sammy cuz it has a salamander on it :)

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Oh by the way: no one is two words. Nobody is one word. Noone just makes you look like you never went through the second grade. I'm not being mean, or hurtful, just helping you out :)

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I had an awesome wizard. My ex broke it. I named him gandalf. You toked from his staff.

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If this is for real, then lolol