By Anonymous - United States - Noblesville
Today, I ran out of clean boxers. Thinking nobody would find out, I snatched a pair of my wife's panties. Later, we had a cook out for my birthday, where some of my old pals thought it would be funny to pants me. FML
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  speshlk37  |  13

Yeah, there were plenty of other logical choices before putting on panties. I believe this FML is to corroborate his story for his friends, or even himself.

  amDes  |  11

Putting back on crusty underwear from a different day should never be the answer. You didn't notice a day or two ago that your underwear selection was running out and to do laundry? This seems fishy....

  Axipiter  |  24

29, freeballing is the perfect act of revenge, without knowing it. I bet they would have found it a lot less funny is they saw OP's wang blowing gently in the breeze after their nefarious deed.

  Cazz91  |  21

Depends where you buy your panties from. They don't have to be expensive but I do agree it is not easy to find cute ones that are cheap unfortunately.

  maosquare  |  18

Doing the laundry takes a lot of time and effort. It is an art. You have to ensure you haven't got too little clothes to wash (because that'll just be a waste of water) but you also can't have too much load. You have to ensure the amount of detergent is just right - too little, clothes dirty; too much, clothes soapy. Then, most importantly, you have to make sure you will be free when the wash is competed. Laundry is such a time consuming and delicate matter I always make sure I pen it into my diary one week beforehand so that I'll be prepared for this Goliath task.