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Today, I ran out of clean boxers. Thinking nobody would find out, I snatched a pair of my wife's panties. Later, we had a cook out for my birthday, where some of my old pals thought it would be funny to pants me. FML
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kaybee41906 13

Why not just wear a pair of slightly dirty boxers?

rg350dx 29

Don't get your panties in a wad about it OP.


kaybee41906 13

Why not just wear a pair of slightly dirty boxers?

Sounds like he was looking for a reason. Just be yourself OP!

hugozac88 22

I'm with #29 I would have just gone commando

Yeah, there were plenty of other logical choices before putting on panties. I believe this FML is to corroborate his story for his friends, or even himself.

Yeah, pretty sure he just wanted to wear her panties.

Very true. That's what I would have done, but maybe there was a skid mark in every pair.

flockz 19

this is why i wear disposable diapers.

Putting back on crusty underwear from a different day should never be the answer. You didn't notice a day or two ago that your underwear selection was running out and to do laundry? This seems fishy....

you obviously enjoy walking around in women's underwear. it's OK to be "different"

29, freeballing is the perfect act of revenge, without knowing it. I bet they would have found it a lot less funny is they saw OP's wang blowing gently in the breeze after their nefarious deed.

Maybe they are really OCD about having their clothing extra clean? Or maybe they had already worn them for a few days and it was past the point of "slightly" dirty?

Yeah or turn them inside out and wear them again

tjv3 10

Why not just go hang free?

rg350dx 29

Don't get your panties in a wad about it OP.

klovemachine 24

Very funny FML; even funnier comment! :-D

Wizardo 33

All I can think of right now is The Thong Song and OP twerking like crazy... 'Let me see that thong, thong, thong'.

You win at life #3. You are the best.

Ahhhh I see what you did there!!! Nicely done sir

YeaSo3 14

I can only imagine what everybody thought..especially your wife!

rahulcool7 14

I feel like going commando would have been a better option OP

PoopNuggetLeader 4

As long as it was comfortable.

I would not in any way find that attractive, not only that but I'd be pissed if my man put on my underwear, he'd stretch it and women's panties are expensive...

Depends where you buy your panties from. They don't have to be expensive but I do agree it is not easy to find cute ones that are cheap unfortunately.

118- That's why I get men's panties.

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I think they commented on the wrong story

Wizardo 33

This comment gave me so much cancer I can't even finish this sente...

as in OP will get revenge at some point. but whatever he does for revenge won't be able to top what his friends did to him. was pretty clear to me

CharresBarkrey 15

Seriously? This comment's not that hard to understand. They're saying OP will get his friends back, but it won't be as good as the prank they pulled on him.

I thought he was talking about the panties...I re-read the FML to see if they stole it, but that would be...well, rape...

At least one person can read my comment.

The poor punctuation makes this comment confusing.

olpally 32

Jesus christ people. This thread gave me diabetes. Original comment wasn't as bad as the ones that followed it. Good god.

Just go commando next time. Give them a different surprise if they ever decide to pants you agin! ;)

klovemachine 24

That could backfire, especially if OP isn't "gifted" down there :O

Or, they could wash their undies more often?

Doing the laundry takes a lot of time and effort. It is an art. You have to ensure you haven't got too little clothes to wash (because that'll just be a waste of water) but you also can't have too much load. You have to ensure the amount of detergent is just right - too little, clothes dirty; too much, clothes soapy. Then, most importantly, you have to make sure you will be free when the wash is competed. Laundry is such a time consuming and delicate matter I always make sure I pen it into my diary one week beforehand so that I'll be prepared for this Goliath task.

I would have given them a creepy smile and slowly pulled my pants up all while keeping eye contact.

If I'm OP's friend, I don't think I wanna see him again in the rest of my natural life...

SystemofaBlink41 27

Actually, that'd be an awesome inside joke...

sandnsun 7

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stupidideas 1

I'm pretty sure underwear is about as behind closed doors as you're gonna get.

Maybe you should be behind closed doors ..

67: Wow! Your grammatical genius leaves me absolutley bewildered!

bravo... proper grammar wins again! how fortunate we all are to witness such wonderful corrections. the comment makes so much more sense now! thank you!

B ravo H ow T he T hank! Don't you worry about the Grammar Nazi, he still has his buddy Punctuation Nazi!

My bad, don't know what I was thinking, Capitalization Nazi.

Damian95 16

You have to be a special kind of desperate to wear panties.

UnicornFarts 15

Or a pitcher on Bull Durham.