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By Anonymous - 06/11/2011 00:04 - Reserved

Today, I was in an elevator with my girlfriend when it suddenly stopped. Thinking of being spontaneous like in all the movies, I propped her up on the railings and started getting passionate. That's when the emergency phone rang. And I discovered there was a security camera. FML
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baygirl564 9


I would've kept going, I like the thrill of knowing I have an audience.


baygirl564 9


It was most definitely smooth. /notsarcasm

Like Keith Stone.

More like insecurity camera.

"they say I'm up and coming like I'm fucking in an elevator"

enonymous 8

The security guards deserve the fml. Worse porn ever. Bad lighting, bad plot, no character progression and bad camera angles.

But the music is made for porno :D

leadman1989 15

30 - You Sir are a connoisseur of the genre. 42 - No

xoconnie 8

no big deal! who cares if they saw

"[...] like in the movies." People will never learn their lesson

I think you mean: like in all the porn...

At least you didn't jack off

Op they didn't want you to stop, they just wanted you to turn so they had a better view

nublets 12

Well at least they stopped you before it got to the good part

baygirl564 9


If i operated that security camera I would have put the video on the internet and go into the porno buisness.

amanda_say_whutt 9

I think everyone should now that there are security cameras on elevators. C'mon. Have you see Devil ? But in case you didn't know, now you do (:

I would have kept going.

cutielilangel 8

So confused.. With technology now a days wouldn't you have thought that there would be cameras in the elevator?

I would've kept going, I like the thrill of knowing I have an audience.

ikickgingers 15

O.o ^^^^^

I always feel like somebody's watching me

^Paranoid parrot

... giant blobs of Chicken Alfredo began raiding the Intergalactic Mushroom Reserve led by General Wardenbachersteinmanson-Smith.

You should have just told them to shut up flipped them off and kept Doing it. It's not like they could have stopped you.

It's alright, I'm sure no one saw.

PrincessesCrown 17

Think about it. Read it again, and then think about it. Dumbass

Yes, and I am sure you haven't heard of sarcasm either.

theten_fml 9

Is that sarcasm?

Horrible use of sarcasm

Should have just given them two fingers and carried on

slushpup9696 12

Pretty sure there are better uses for those two fingers in this situation.

Pretty sure he had two hands

47-no not necessarily op never indicated if they were an amputee or not we cant just go around assuming things

I'm sure he would've needed two hands to prop his girlfriend up on the railing.

perdix 29

I'm guessing that #12 is referring to the middle fingers of both hands, while #32 is talking about adjacent fingers on the same hand. What the gf would prefer depends on her state of wetness at the moment.

pfx2_fml 15

Hope they enjoyed the show

zingline89 18

Clearly the elevator was the only thing having trouble rising.

leadman1989 15

Lol "love in an elevator love in an elevator living it up while I'm going down."

41- Thumbs up. But I'm afraid most these kids on this site couldn't tell you if Aerosmith was a band or an airplane builder.

leadman1989 15

I don't care if I get 1000 thumbs downs if (which would actually be pretty cool) if one person gets it it's worth it. :D You're awesome!

Blacksabbath211 9

I recognized it and lol'd :D Aerosmith ftw:D As does leadman1989

cruforlife 5

Baha this is by far my favorite comment thread. First thing I thought of when I read this fml was Aerosmith XD

pfx2_fml 15

Hope they enjoyed the show