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By  alycion  |  38

Not going to give ya shit for the pot. Anyone who has experimented has tried it. I’m a patient. But seriously, get better hiding places. What rookie place did you hide it. Was it in an airtight container to dim the smell? Back in the day, those weren’t an option. I had a game cartridge that didn’t work anymore. Would pop the screws on and off. Gutted the inside. Nobody noticed. My sister would hide hers in books and album covers. Always got busted. Oh and shoes. Like nobody is going to look there when they smell it.

  jbuckets_404  |  38

If you actually, honestly have to ask the guy who wrote this fml whether or not his parents are right in their oh-so-obviously-correct opinion of himself, then perhaps you too are similarly a dumb*ss (aside from from any superior pot-hiding skills that you may possess, of course). Just sayin'.... Smh.

By  baristalbc  |  18

I’m confused. Are you upset that you lost your stash or because of what your parents said about you? Hoping it’s because you lost your stash, because your folks’ comments seem on target.

You may want to have one of your no -pot head friends explain the above to you.