By marymark - 13/04/2012 01:02 - United States - West Long Branch

Today, I woke up to a note from my parents saying we needed to talk. Assuming it was about the weed I'd left on my dresser, I quickly confessed. Turns out my dog died. FML
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breeY0 7

why would you leave your weed out in the first place !

K_kanaka 26

Sooooooooooo how long are you grounded for?


K_kanaka 26

Sooooooooooo how long are you grounded for?

It's simple guys he got trolled by his dog :p

blackheart24 10

Oh no, not another weed thread... The last one had like 200 replies.

Hopefully long enough that he realizes getting high isn't worth the trouble.

bigtaytay 13

How can u be a HU fan and say that?

IphonFML 6

#1, I don't think he was caught...

hellbilly205 17

Here comes the fight about weed *sits back and watches while eating popcorn*

blackheart24 10

16- He only confessed to having weed. I think his parents got the idea.

JocelynKaulitz 28

That's when you admit that you were being sarcastic about the whole weed thing :)

Aw, well shucks OP . Fyl indeed, hope you feel better though

OP?! Stand your ground and face what they need to you before you blurt out that you had weed. Get some more and hide it better next time ;D

Don't worry OP, just smoke away your grief.

Osito2011 9

I guess op never heard innocent until proven guilty. Op should of held out until his parents mentioned it, but sorry to hear that the dog died..

Idonebeenhad 17

It seems sirin enjoyed that little flame war on that last FML about weed, so here it goes again... Drugs are bayud mmkay? But really OP, if having weed makes you that paranoid, maybe you might wanna stop?

16's profile picture made my day (that much worse)...

The dog death and the weed canceled each other out. Nothing happened.

ChronicBluntz420 7

It's amazing how nature is illegal.

130- it really isn't amazing. Nature leads to destruction. Nature is chaos. Take a couple of chemistry classes so you can be more well informed when you comment.

breeY0 7

why would you leave your weed out in the first place !

Why? several reasons "pain relief" "artistic boost and imagination boost" "Help for psychological problems" Even though i'm strongly against weed, it can have SOME good uses, but weed can really **** up peoples mind :)

I noticed my mistake too, i thought she asked why OP would have weed.. :/

Always lock your weed / drugs in a cabinet where no one can see them. Then you wouldn't have even had this problem

Wouldn't have that problem if he didn't have weed too

Yes, I'm back from the dead to slaughter justin bieber because of his discrimination against all of music.

2- it makes people stupid, OP is living proof.

lol, this is like alcohol "letting out the bad" in people. Whenever people royally screw up they blame the inanimate substances they consumed. Simple fact is... most people are either weak-willed or fools; sometimes both. I'm neither here nor there on mary, but I *do* know whenever people do something stupid it's because *they* are stupid... not because of some intoxicant they choose to ingest. It's called accountability, kids- look it up. Either learn it to live it, or get steamrolled in the real world by people like me. Just a friendly heads-up.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Alcohol and drugs can lower inhibition. It's the persons fault absolutely if they choose to get drunk or stoned... The behavior is something they may think of doing while sober but won't because they can think of the consequences then. Intoxicated? Not so much. It's about knowing your limits and reactions at low levels in a safe environment before consuming more. I know I tend to want sex when I'm drunk so I talk with any people I might hook up with before I start drinking and express my consent or lack there of- while I am sober!

34- you couldn't be more wrong, weed has no harmful effects on the brain. Get your facts straight before you start stating incorrect facts.

Why would you smoke weed in the first place?!

Link5794 18

The thing about weed is that it's rarely just shredded cannabis these days. It's usually mixed with other, more harmful drugs, and smoking it is he most popular method of achieving the effects, and inhaling smoke is not good for you.

Well, it went from you getting the love and attention because your dog died and now its just pure bitching from your parents because you had weed...... Shouldn't of said anything :/

Haha yeah the dude definitely got himself double whammied.

He should have waited for his parents to say something I say "he" because a girl wouldn't be dumb enough to leave weed out like that, yes i'm discriminating against my own sex

That's what happens when you have a guilty conscience

ThisIsMyReign 4

23 - So, why the discrimination? Your saying guys are too dumb to remember to hide things? Then, how do we drive so well if we are dumb?

LoveMay 10

Never confess to anything until you're accused of doing it.

mischiefkel 17

Shouldn't *have*, not shouldn't of.

guckylynn 19

57, males have higher insurance rates because they're considered more "at risk" when it comes to driving, so I guess statistically speaking you are incredibly incorrect.

I think some people on this site need to stop with the grammar nazi act. You're on a site that has **** in the name. Do you think you can lighten up?! Your corrections aren't teaching the masses anything, it's just really annoying.

MerrikBarbarian 9

I dunno the odd grammar nazi is funny like one who explained why there is a very important difference between then and than... Because the wrong word presented a much funnier scenario

ThisIsMyReign 4

93 - Yeah, I might have been wrong if insurance companies didn't say they were lowering male drivers and upping the rates for female drivers.

scarface90 8

Assumption is the mother of all ****-ups

johnnyrogers97 9

The stupid kid had weed in the first place It's not fyl It's YLIF (Your Life is F*cked)

Your like 11 dude u Have no room to talk about weed

TarieBoo 2

smooth move sorry about your dog though

Never say anything until they do. How does everyone know that but you?

AK_Nymeria 1

Aww that's sad OP. I tend to wait to see what my parents are thinking before I spill my guts. Sorry about your dog though.

I'm so sorry, OP. Dog deaths are really hard to cope with, as pets become part of the family. :( But rule #1 to getting away with shit, DON'T CONFESS TO IT! For heavens sake, why would you admit to having weed before they even remotely hinted about it?

That's what I was gonna say! You NEVER confess until they have solid proof.

Gloritank 8

That's a bit of a stereotype 95.

95 since you seem to be a "muscle head", is it safe to assume that you are also as dumb as a rock. As well as having a tiny dick? Don't stereotype, I'm a pothead with a 4.0 GPA in my final year of college.

johnnyrogers97 9

And your still on drugs?... Your a genius 120

NoisyNykkii 10

More weed FMLs? Oh dear God, please save us.

Between reading FML and notalwaysright, i really hope god doesn't try to help us. The problem is getting big enough the simplest fix would be 40 days of rain.

I wonder if OP's parents "confiscated" it like the police officer

*whispers* I have a funny feeling a massive argument is going to happen about weed. Let's tread carefully to avoid it....

NoisyNykkii 10

66- at least Blaze isn't here....

johnnyrogers97 9

I follow u sir U r the saint of FML

NoisyNykkii 10

143- I'm strictly female ^.^"

ajourdhui 0

Were you high when you left your weed out in the open? Apparently.

I know, everyone knows that's what hollowed out stuffed animals are for!

Mister_Triangle 21

I assume that I'll wake up tomorrow, but if I don't, no biggie, I'd be dead so I won't even know.

Noor, that is very true. "We need to talk" is a line that makes everything you did wrong, race through your head like a race horse!