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Today, I tried acid for the first time while camping with my best friend. A drunk driver smashed into my parked car, leaving it totaled. I had to explain the situation to a cop, all while thinking my car was bleeding green ooze. FML
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If it was leaking antifreeze, then technically it was.


GuessWhatKids 13

"Don't you touch that! If you touch that I will rape you in the ******* face m'kay!" hahaha

Damnnnnn that's so shitty, talking to a cop on acid would be so ****** up :/ sorry your first acid trip was no bueno.

Probably the Gods telling you that acid is a no-go. YDI for acting like a kid OP.

alliewillie 22

"Today, I tried acid..." YDI. Didn't even have to finish reading.

narkill 13

You and every other self-righteous asshole on here.

I'm probably going to get thumbed down but I don't think he deserves it just because he tried it; many people like to try a drug once to see how it is.

#100 By that logic everyone wants to try synthetic street cocaine at least once right? Not saying acid is super dangerous but not everyone has that tendency because they are safer than that.

110- did you miss the word "many?" She didn't say all people.

If you have a brain, you stay off drugs like Heroine, crack, meth and all that shit. Some drugs can be perfectly used in moderation. I do not have the urge to do shrooms every day for example, but they are a fun and interesting once in a while experience. And alcohol can be quite a destructive, addictive drug as well, but can be used in moderation perfectly if you are not a total idiot.

wow 117 you just took the text right out of my fingers

Grow up, expanding your mind is a good goal

I don't know if I would ever try acid, but I think it's a life goal of mine to try pot brownies once just to see what it's like, haha. If you put yourself in a safe situation I don't see anything wrong with being curious about a pretty harmless and non-addictive drug (though I don't know anything about acid so I have no idea if it is either of those). So based on how this FML is coming across to me, I don't think OP deserves it.

Acid is both non destructive and non addictive when pure and it takes a rediculus amount to OD something like 3000x the normal dose how this is only true if its pure something which cannot be tested on the street

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Well... sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not.

I'd be up for some synthetic street cocaine.

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#65 Oh my goodness. I did the same thing

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@170 Expanding your mind that's a good idea telling someone to grow up is a bad execution of it.

There are so many pathetic dumb comments on here about the LSD its ridiculous. Please just shut up. A drunk asshole smashing into your car is not an effect of LSD, especially if your sitting out in a safe environment like a private camping area. FYL OP, and sorry for all the kids that got onto the comment section. They shouldnt even have FML accounts if they're under 13.

If it was leaking antifreeze, then technically it was.

Damian95 16

Either way this is a good lesson about why not to do drugs

Yes because everytime you take drugs a suicidal driver plunges into your car.

Yes, but every time you take drugs it DOES completely **** up your brain and everything else!

Indeed, it makes you smash into cars while driving as your brain is no longer functioning as it should. :)

No it doesn't? Everything in moderation can be fine on your body. It would be dumb if he took a lot but to do it occasionally has almost no affects on your body or brain. People just assume cause its a "drug" that you will get addicted and you will have lingering affects like brain damage but do a little research and you will find out. Our body's are amazing in what they can handle and how they recover.

That's enormously untrue. There are plenty of things that can kill you in even the smallest increments. As for LSD, while it isn't likely to cause physical brain damage it can certainly cause psychological harm.

monnanon 13

renoshark that is beside the point. why put your body in harms way just becuase it will recover or it will only have lasting damage if you do so much. drugs are different to everyone. for some one bad trip and hey presto life long problems. other people barely get high. dont try to justify a dangerous substance because younhave had no ill effects. oh and antifreeze is blue.

Hey #58 - that's not true at all. Some people's bodies can have horrible reactions to their first time drug use - someone could take acid once and it could fry their brain - and someone else could take it and be just fine.

MiGman 5

167 you can get blue or green anti-freeze as well as coolant in those colours too

Physiological harm has never been proven from LSD it was accually invented as a physiatric drug

Anti freeze is Green, Red, Purple, Yellow or Pink depending on the chemical compition and the manufaturer but it is never blue that is windshield washer fluid

Not at all. Many famous people used LSD as motivation throughout the 20th century. It has no ill physical or psychological effects in moderation.

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Couple of things here didn't you just down a substance just because you don't like it? So shut up if you have nothing non-hypocritical to say. Also if people never did something that put themselves in harms way the world would probably be a much worse place I can almost guarantee America wouldn't exist.

There are many documented instances of LSD causing psychological harm. People have been known to exhibit symptoms of PTSD after bad trips, for instance. Just because something is unlikely to kill you doesn't make it a good choice.

You were trying acid for the first time? I hope you weren't expecting any sympathy and saying it was your first time doesn't make it any better but worse because you hadn't tried it before so you didn't have a certain dependence to it so you're just stupid.

I wish I could click the YDI button more than once...

Why? Op was out camping, where they aren't gonna be hurting anybody. What's wrong with that? It's a hell of a lot more responsible than driving drunk.

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I wish I could thumb down ur comment more than once u piece of shit

\ 28

#104, no need for assholeness.

The drunk driver doesn't exactly deserve a medal for his actions either, if anything he was acting even worse by endangering others, but you know that you are always tasking a risk when you try stuff for the first time.

#164 you don't always need to risk a life just because you try something for the first time. believe it or not, you can take a drug responsibly to a certain degree. if you're going to try something, it's always recommended to take it with those that you trust and care about you and making sure someone is in charge of the keys. while I personally don't find acid to be an acceptable recreational drug, at least he was camping away from people, and I wouldn't say ydi because the drunk driver was out of his control.

I want to try acid at somepoint. As far as I know, it's basically like potent shrooms. And I love me some shrooms every once in a while. Best time of the few, I ate 7 grams, layed down on the couch with some Jimi Hendrix ready to go when it kicked in (best way I can describe the two together is like riding an emotional rollercoaster surrounded by a fog of contentment), relaxed, and enjoyed. Though, I will say, for anyone who's epileptic, psychadelics are most likely a very, very, very bad idea. You don't hallucinate, but colors are enhanced, and and pretty much anything you look at will be moving in some way.

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It doesn't say he was driving. Its more likely he was sitting around a campfire, at a campground, tripping balls when the drunk hit his parked car. Suggesting he should be ticketed for partaking in acid, while safely sitting at camp is awfully judgmental. How is it worse than drinking or smoking weed? Different high and not as socially acceptable but no more dangerous or harmful, especially to others.

he was camping while tripping on LSD. the only danger he posed, was to himself. luckily the drunk driver smashed into his empty car and not a tent full of kids. asshole.

I do not think you know how alcohol works or the effects it has on people ....

There are about 5 different types of "drunks". You have the quiet drunks, the loud drunks, the sleepy drunks, the angry drunks and the overly touchy drunks. Most of them are completely harmless, so long as they don't drive or operate heavy machinery.

Usually if they have a bad trip, they took to much, or they aren't in a good setting where they feel comfortable, or they just aren't in a good mental state to take Psychedelic drugs.

perdix 29

#94, no, I was just hungry and his nose looked like a pickle!

No. He was on bath salts. Whole different animal.

You are wrong. He was on "bath salts"

Actually that was just propaganda. His autopsy showed that he didn't have any Bath Salts in his system, you can look it up for yourself.

148 is right. The autopsy showed he only had marijuana in his system, no trace of bath salts.

I agree. I don't see how acid caused his car to get smashed. This situation is not his fault?

Alcohol also makes u beat ur wife and Childern or as you put it "attack people"

126, I want to congratulate you on not knowing the difference between the phrases "Most of them" and "All of them". If you'd care to try and read my post again, you'd probably notice that I listed 5 types of drunks, only one of them posing obvious threat and thus clearly not being part of the "Most of them" group. [Hint: It's the "angry drunk".]

No that was bath salts a new designer drug

If he didn't have some kind of designer drug in his system that's accually scarier then he the first of the zombies

generalasskicker 12

Calm down he said most of them are harmless. A drunk who beats someone or does something violent wanted to do it anyway.

dangermouse2990 19

Uh no alcohol is way worse than acid, just not stigmatized the same. Never met someone with seizures and shakes from acid.

aruges93 12

Ydi for doing something stupid

They didn't say that.. Op and the drink driver deserve it.

How is it his fault that a drunk driver hit his car? It doens't say he is driving, so why can't he enjoy a trip whilest camping?

*whilst. I'm sorry, I'm not a grammar or spelling nazi but you need to know how whilst is spelt. (note: 'spelt' is acceptable and also the past participle of spell, in the UK English Dictionary). Two lessons in one.

Gee thanks, I love learning stuff. Especially from internet strangers with profile pics which only make sense on a thumbprint dose of acid.

You just failed even harder for trying to insult someone's profile pic without knowing where it's from. That's Klinger from M*A*S*H!

Oh thank goodness. I was afraid no one would know where he was from. That would have broken my heart.

It doesn't say that he isn't driving though either #8

Grammar Hitler? I Sounds kinky. I can dig it. *eyebrow wiggle* I clarified spelt because I've seen people get verbally reamed for using it right here on FML.

Well run off and have a cookie, you've earned it.

Let me make this clear and easy to understand. 1.You're an idiot. 2. Acid is bad. 3. You deserve it. There! Easy as pie!

miyaviichan 27

1. No context 2. No context 3. No context Sound reasoning, my friend.

37- She was stupid enough to do acid, that's all the context you need with completely sound reasoning.

Wanting to experiment doesn't make you stupid.

ApollosMyth 22

56, why is doing a drug while in the middle of nowhere and not driving bad enough that the user deserves to have his car totalled? I realize that you disagree with drugs, but if it isn't hurting anybody who are you to judge him?

#66 - wanting to experiment can lead to a consistent harmful action, do why try it in the first place? #82 - I don't think anyone here's judging him as a person but rather suggesting he doesn't partake in acid again.

88 - 9 clearly said 'you're an idiot.' Sounds judge mental to me.

88 - You realize acid isn't addictive, right?

For everyone wanting to pass judgement on OP for doing acid in the woods... Ask your parents what their spirit animal is.

He wasn't driving when his car was hit, you imbecile. I guess you're going to tell me anybody who has tried alcohol before is also an idiot? Because it's actually much more harmful.

I hope your car was parked when this drunk driver crashed into it. If not, you're a total moron for endangering your life, your friend's life, and whomever else you would have passed on the road.

Who said op was driving? I imagined it as they're sitting by a fire when it happened.

That's why I said 'if'. IF is a powerful word. Did you not notice it? Why say that I should be unsure after I've already said it myself? I'm low on coffee and mad at you because you're a bad person and should feel bad. My deprivation makes it difficult to see you for the beautiful flower that you are. I was wrong. You're my everything. Would you marry me?