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By  Allie614032  |  34

Is there any way to prove who paid for the bong? Does it show the last four numbers of the credit card or anything? Or can you prove which URL it was ordered from? There's got to be some way to show your parents the truth.

  WeirdUS  |  29

I've known women that crazy that would have done something like that because you kicked them out for not helping with expenses for the place. Somehow they felt wronged. It definitely can happen.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

You ought to send your ex-girlfriend’s mom a massive dildo with extreme anatomical details.

The most effective response to crazy is not reason — it’s batshit crazy!!!

By  kirby1964  |  20

The “best” response is to let her know what she did worked. That your folks freaked out, and she got you good. Then wish her well in the future, and say you hope she meets a nice guy soon. This will drive her nuts thinking you are the good guy that got away.

  WeirdUS  |  29

Engaging someone who’s vengeful as well as crazy is never the way to go they just take it as a sign to keep doing whatever it is they’re doing

By  Glowworm56  |  25

All I can think of now is that video of that young man who ordered a bong--and his mother is right there while he's opening it and he's trying so hard to play dumb, it's painful.