By Anonymous - 04/01/2014 06:06 - United States - Chula Vista

Today, my daughter started speaking with hashtags. I told her to knock it off, to which she replied, "You don't get it, mom - hashtag white girl probs." Hashtag FML
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Grauncho 27

Fuck hashtags. I'd rather have hashbrowns.

Slap the hashtag off her...


Slap the hashtag off her...

Grounded hashtag

magicman13 9

Spank the hashtag out of her

I hope she was only doing it as a joke - making fun of how stupid it sounded. I have to admit she knows how to make an hilarious exit 'hashtag white girl probs'. Annoying or no that was sitcom-worthy.

Nah, OP should just spam her facebook with ridiculous hashtags.

I'm with you ambient, this shit's gotta end.

#44 if it's a joke, OP wouldn't have posted it on FML.

#i #can't #understand #your #accent

Please don't let her reproduce...

What she doesn't understand is that as a mother, you have the power of embarrassment. Next time she does that flood her Facebook with child photos, and be sure to argue with her friends. That'll teach her.

#83 even if she was only making fun of it it would (or could) still have gotten very annoying after a while.

Hmm, easy fix, NO social media until the shit quits.

incoherentrmblr 21

Just "pound" the hash tag out of her...


I don't understand why people insist on doing stuff like that. Hopefully she stops soon or someone punches her in the face...

I don't understand it either. But it's also kind of sad that people are THAT annoyed by teenagers. #firstworldprobs

Das_is_gud 11

Except that teenagers don't talk like that. I don't know how people put up with her at school

Hashtag annoying kid

78- Actually, there are more teens who do that than you think. My sister and her friends do it and it's really annoying.

Smartdumbblonde 27

#78 actually, there are quite a few of teens who do it. Of instance, a couple friends of mine find enjoyment out of it and then there are other kids at my school who does it. You'd be surprised about how many teens do it and no matter how many times you ask them to stop, they keep at it.

124 - if there were something in the English language comparable to a car accident, your comment would be just that.

Corgidan 12

The most annoying part is that the symbol is called the "Pound" symbol or "Number Sign". I want to punch those who call it hash tag in the face, with a brick.

Some friends and I just do it to mock the stereotypical "teen" like speak in text language and over exaggerate everything that happens.

2- or the throat.

Just start talking in hashtags yourself, she'll quit very soon.

The preceding comment was brought to you by the Hashtag FUCKINGSTOP. If you're looking to lose a few brain cells, please read the above comment.

I understand you two would like to hash out your differences, but please, not in front of the kids.

RedPillSucks 31


@31, I am yet to figure out why some of your comments are good, thought out, funny comments, yet most of them are piles of shit, like this one.

jazzy_123 20

come on OP, you can have some fun too. Didn't you read an earlier FML where OP's mom threatened to twerk in front of her friends if she didn't obey her? ;) you could learn a few things from that post.

Grauncho 27

Fuck hashtags. I'd rather have hashbrowns.

klol_fml 11

Or just hashtag hash.

You sir, you have your priorities straight

Give this man a cookie-- Wait no, a hashbrown!

Fuck hashbrowns I'd rather have a hash brownie


Hashbrowns r the good kind of hash

How can u not like hashbrowns its potatoes and what ever the hell u have lying around and need too use up

sb601 9

#shewillgrowoutofit #hopefully


@6 #noshitsherlock #thatswhatthefmlsabout #everheardofirony

I have a friend that says "PMSL". Some people spend far too much time online. Turn off the TV, turn off the computer, put your phone down. Get up, walk outside, and enjoy it. There is a whole world out there worth exploring. Now if everyone in the world could realise this and actually do it, so many people would be happier. And so many would be pissed off because of the extra traffic chaos.

#7, I will admit I don't spend a lot of time outside. I spend it online. However, I do not and will not speak like that. Not even as a joke. OP. Slap her. Now. Before its too late.

Outside is dangerous. I got robbed at gunpoint last time I tried to explore my way to a sandwich. I didn't get another sandwich for over a week after that. The computer seems so much safer ...

Sorry to be a retard, but what is PMSL

59-- google, knows everything...*whispers* eeeverything.

if outside is so good then why has mankind spent so many years trying to perfect inside?

scare her with a #RIP #daughter

This generation is lost..

So has said every generation to the one that followed it.

Except she's saying it to her own generation.

Indeed when a generation throws in the towel its over

TheDrifter 23

My generation didn't say that. Parents told us that if we survived our sex, drugs and rock'n'roll phase we had bright futures ahead of us. We said hell yes, fire it up. Turns out, they lied.

#9 no you are just a generalizing douchebag

People of all ages do stupid things, but I never hear someone say 'man, my parent's generation is lost'. Yet, in a way, the older generations are just as lost.

Yes, because the actions of one stupid teenager are a perfectly reliable way of telling whether or not an entire generation is lost

Boomers had their hippies... My Dad got past his sex, drugs and rock & roll. Plus I think this girl would be made fun of quite a bit by people her age for this...

Every generation has their thing it'll survive :)

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

Also vong Niceigkeit her ist der Kommentar 1 scheisse. I bims 1 hater lol

Tell her if she doesn't stop, you'll twerk in front of her friends.That'll shut her up.

RedPillSucks 31

Thanx. Yet another mind bleach purchase

this ^^^^^^^^^

When did humanity get so stupid?

Just a bit after #twitter and #instagram.......#

....where have you been? Humanity has never been intelligent.