By soannoyed - 22/09/2013 21:21 - United States

Today, my brother decided it would be funny for almost every sentence out of his mouth to start with the word "hashtag". FML
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Just say #myfootupyourass

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Am I the only one who still calls it "pound"?


Just say #myfootupyourass

from the comment below it would be read as ''pound myfootupyourass''


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Am I the only one who still calls it "pound"?

I have to remind myself that it's not a pound sign when I read it lol

When it's used on a phone then I do. In text I don't. Please hit the pound key or number sign to continue.

No, and it's fortunate their are still people out there like that.

Are is the right word.... but you did correctly differentiate there/their

If you call it pound, then it brings new meaning to the girl I saw use it when she was describing her boyfriend as "#mysexyboyfriend."

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I call it a "tic-tac-toe board," so reading Twitter tweets takes me forever!

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#16 Want!

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I still call it "the number symbol"

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@16 Twitter is a very interesting format of staves

It's hashtag in reference to tags online, and pound sign in reference to numbers. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE.

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Its technical term is the "Octothorpe." The more you know

Look at the silver lining: He was considerate enough to do it before every sentence and not before every word. Oh, who am I kidding... no silver lining here. #yourBrotherIsSuchALittleTwerp




#PeopleWhoWriteOneWordedOpinionsAsResponses should #ShutTheFuckUp #GodDammit

This generation sucks

*sigh* here we go again.

I know the next comment. "Not everyone in this generation are like that." Which will be repeated probably five more times in 5 different ways

Reply back "hash tag" and duct tape his mouth closed.

Silence is golden and duct tape is silver. Or something like that. Your idea is #PrettySweet

I'm weeping at these comments.




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Hashtag, What's wrong with that?

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They aren't hashbrowns.

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I'm so sorry