By killme - 29/12/2012 22:33 - United States - Lewiston

Today, I was at church, when my mom's phone went off during the sermon. As if that wasn't humiliating enough for me, her ring tone was set to the Bed Intruder song. FML
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TheDeafWalrus 8

They climbing up yo window, and snatchin yo people up.

At least it wasn't "I could make your bed rock."


TheDeafWalrus 8

They climbing up yo window, and snatchin yo people up.

Tryina rape them so you better hide yo kids hide yo wife hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide your husband too cos their rapin everybody out there

So apparently...there's a RAPIST in Lincoln Park.........We gonna find you.....homeboy!

you don't have to come and confess, we lookin for you, we gon find you, we gon find you so you can run and tell that, run and tell that, run and tell that, homeboy, home home homeboy!

ArielTheMermaid 17

We gotcho T-shirt, you don' left fingerprints and all. You are so dumb, yeah you are really dumb. Fo' real.

The man got away leaving behind evidence "I was attacked by some idiot in the projects"

SO DUMB *so dumb* *so dumb*

SO He's climbin' in yo windows He's snatchin' yo people up Tryin ta rape so ya need to hide yo kids hide yo wife hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide yo husband cause' he's raping errbody out there

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!!

I love people who can successfully do any song in a comment section in perfect order. You guys rock.

This thread just put a huge smile on my face. bless you all. *continues to hum song*

At least it wasn't "I could make your bed rock."

I know this isn't related at all, but every time I see your profile picture I see those awesome blue eyes.

Try S.M.D. or Candyland that'll be emberassing

Or Little Girls by Oingo Boingo...

That exactly what I was thinking!

People still listen to Oingo Boingo? Personally I was thinking Goofys Concern by The Butthole Surfers.

Or anything about the devil.

Merylwen 24

The pedobear song. Could it be worse than that?

You can't make my bed rock, I have temperpedic!

chriisteex 10

Try instrumental version of Milkshake

How about East Jesus Nowhere by Green Day?

spikeisfat 6

Least it wasn't make it nasty by tyga

I believe "I just had sex" would be pretty awkvard as well...

It could've been Road Way to Hell.

TheDeafWalrus 8

Highway to Hell*

If that's the case, then I'll definitely go to hell with all the thumbs down.

TheDeafWalrus 8

It's alright. Happens to the best of us.

how dare you get the name of a song wrong! that is a classic song just like pour some salt on me, we are the winners, and violet rain!

Roadway to hell is the musak version. Hear it at the dentists all the time.

u slaughtered AC/DC

I'm surprised you spelt "slaughtered" correctly.

Most likely he got help from spellcheck #59

I know the feeling, my grandma's "hot stuff" ringtone went off at my great grandmas funeral a few months ago, it was hilarious yet wildly inappropriate. Or perhaps all too appropriate, some people would rather keep the mood light when they die. :P Now I'm just getting off topic, I'm sorry Op.

Your grandmother that's a nun? Probably not but how extra funny if it were!(:

I immediately thought of Noor when I read "nun" lol..

Nah it was my step-grandma actually, my actual grandma couldn't make it up from the convent and I doubt she could figure out how to set a ringtone in the first place :P but that would have made for a better story I suppose!

I've read some of Noor's comments and she's no nun! :P

She appears to be a nun but we all know the truth.. The assassin assassinated the nunness in her!

No you don't understand, she is the assassin, who assassinated a nun and took her identity. Sneaky beaky

I wonder what Noor thinks of all this..

I was under the impression she was a red head, hence she's the cat.

#26 As did I my friend.

She don't have to come and confess we're lookin for her we gon find her we gon find her.

So she can run and tell that, homeboy. She is so dumb, she is really dumb.

tandem123 6

Fo real

We got her t shirt.

It happens, everyone probably forgot about it by the time mass was over or when they got home.

not every church has mass, if I'm correct that's just for Catholics

Oh, im sorry, by the time church was done with and everyone went home, they probably forgot about it.

perdix 29

Worse yet, she shoved it into your bag and screamed, "Silence your infernal tool of Satan, ye harlot!"

On my god. You guys are so going to hell for that.

They're gonna take the "High Way to Hell!"

nycwrestler 17

Or the roadway to hell.

*Shoots 38* No, just no. >.> Never mess with a classic!

nycwrestler 17

'Twas a reference to previous comment

I know you meant #4.. but still

41- you seem to have an amazing habit of commenting something that is clever, and then shitting on it.

#38- I heard that! >:( :>

At least it wasn't God is Dead by nine inch nails aka the song based on Nitezche philosophy.

Sorry, but Nietzsche's*. I sort of feel like a nihilist needs to know how to spell it properly.

I'm pretty sure "God hates us all" by Slayer couldve been slighty worse.

otoniel 4

Lol you should have played it off like you didn't know her by staring at her along with the rest of the congregation