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  mrosew442  |  10

118- yeah, why is it that someone can't say something like "I'm there for you" without assuming that every person on the Internet is a superficial jerk?

  DrDilllonReese  |  12

Saying no homo clarifies things for the homophobic people. That way they don't blow something done completely without gay intentions out of proportion. Basically it's for for dumb homophobes.

  MeagsMod  |  14

Back in like 2000, not sure the correct year we re-released a gold dollar coin with a Native American woman on it. I may be wrong on the Native part. But I do know they did release the coin. Could trade a regular dollar at any bank for them.


Something about the digestive system of a cat is similar to a Coinstar machine. You put your spare change in and dollar bills fly out of their arse, or something, blah, blah, blah.

  jim69_fml  |  0

Actually, for the op to profit from this, the cat would have to eat 600 more coins.

Edit: This was meant for the comment below.. Don't know why it posted here.